The Rhino King

by Roman aka jar

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He, who is one proud warrior of the animal clan.
He ain't the chieftain amongst his folks, but he is the bravest warrior protecting the clan.
He is full with tribal scars, that shows that he feels no pain
 and this will warn all the Tribe's foes of whom they are dealing with.

He, who is the 
Rhino King.



Allan Carrasco's Rhinotaure painted as the Rhino king.
You find bigger photos here in the jungle, those on CMON are a bit smaller as they had to fit into the upload limitation. Hope you like him. You can find an article about the Tribal Scarification here! 
The animals I used are from Mantis Miniatures and from Busch's small animal set.

And believe me, the socket label was hell of fun to do :)

Rhino King
Allan Carrasco, 28 mm Monster Seize



Thanks for all the support during the project via your comments in the jungle.
I am happy about every comment dropping in so don't hesitate - many thanks in advance! Let me know what you think about it.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: PS: This figure is not for Sale - it was painted as a gift to one of my best friends, muhani aka Robert.


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