SMC 2012 - Info

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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Hey readers,

I want to tell you about an upcoming event in two weeks.. the Scale Model Challenge near Eindhoven in the netherlands. This event unite historical model building with a big new focus on figures, in every size and category, from single figure, to diorama.. you can check out the english rules and categories here :
All other infos you can take from their homepage  here :

We will be there with a personal stand. We would be happy if some of you find time to join us at the event and visit us on our stand  :)
Raffa, Philip and me (Oli) will be there, to answer your questions and give some small workshops.

Best regards

Some music and other things.

by Mati

posted by Mati/Badsmile/lil'Orangutan:

Hello dear jungle friends, feels like forever since I posted here the last time. Busy times...
Anyway, here I have a music video for you guys with some very fine  sounds for your painting hours.
My brother in clay Andrew May sent me the link, so all credits go to him, thx Andrew!
Check out his blog for some putty goodness at !

Now sit back and enjoy the music.

Have a nice weekend everybody!


Here I have another very interesting link I found on the best board on the web, the frothers unite forum. Check it out!

It is not far away ...

by Roman aka jar

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Norman Knight Finals and WiPs

by Peter aka Baphomet

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Hey guys,

a long time has past since my last posting... well there is much to do at work and painting gets more and more some kind of social event for me. Painting alone is no big fun anymore and when I enjoy someone´s company I´m quite more productive... well this may be a phase but I din´t think about it often at the moment... I accept the fact :)

But I was finally able to finish the Norman Knight bust. Well, the pics are not the best but there will be better soon. Just wanted to give you some idea about the final version. I´m quite satisfied with the (reallife) result :) What do you think?


And two shots of my actual wips... hope I will be able to finish them for Monte... probably I will take some free days and visit someone in Germany (or somewhere else) to have a week full of painting :-D

Some MUSICA!!!

And a interesting picture which makes me think really a lot about it in the last days... it get´s even more interesting the more I think about it...

Translation for the international readers: "what if it won´t turn green today?"

Click MEEEEEE!!!!

Best Wishes,

Marcus Schiffer

by Roman aka jar

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Really like the video edit in here ...

Kong's WIP thoughts - September #06

by Roman aka jar

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Time keeps ticking until 2 painting classes in Hamburg, Germany arrive. One week to go. One weekend to "relax", one week to get mad in preparing, packing, sending stuff before the plane goes on Thursday for 10 days of Hamburg. Really looking forward to meet all the painters there.

Meanwhile ...
I got asked several times what green I used on my Dark Angel Terminator. As far as I can remember the basic tone was one of GW's old colour pots. Foundation range. Name was Gnarloc Green (??). I am not sure - as I mixed in some darker green pigments to it from my watercolours. Then I painted dark and bright contrast to it by bringing in some bleached bone for the lights and a tip of dark blue for the shadow areas. Some yellow was there too in the lighter areas, a small gentle tip. I told you as far as I can remember. There won't be an article about that figure as I did not note my recipes. I do so at the actual Chaos Space Marine and prepare a big article. Such articles always consume a lot of time, you know and I can't do them at every figure and I got way too many Work in Progress stuff:

Last week I painted further on the Chaos Marine, the Dark Angel and even managed to try to sculpt a hand of teh beautiful Enigma guy with too much muscles. Also I painted a Forged Monkey :)

So far from my table - I wish everyone of you some happy painting time :)

Best Wishes

Säbelmeier :D

by Roman aka jar

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Back to the roots ...

Kong's WIP thoughts - September #05

by Roman aka jar

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I am finishing some figures these days and prepare an article about beatiful speed painting with one of the new Games Workshop Chaos Space Marines.

It is a lot of fun and as you can see the Dark Angel grows too but soon I have to stop or he won't be a speed paint anymore :D

 You will find the article soon, when the figure is done and I found the time to write it all down. Stay tuned this might be pretty interesting for some of you!

Ahhh ... not to forget the WIPs ... ai ai ai:

Don't forget to stay bananalicious! We now are able to announce Octobre the 10th 2012 for bringing the contest online! Be ready as something like this has never been before!!

Step by Step - Pimp your Griffon!

by Roman aka jar

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Hiho Jungle friends,

this time I am able to bring you another weird article and I allow myself to call it a step by step, BUT it is not in fact. It is the second "He got pimped!" article you now can find in the article section. I once pimped a gladiator bust and you can find the related article here.


Pimping for me means...
... sometimes when I finish a model I am happy to finish it and am proud when it is done. I already sold the "Prince of autumn" but shipping the model the postal way is a no go at this figure and I am in good contact with the new owner. We planned to exchange the figure at this years german Games Day but both we failed but it ain't that bad :D

I promised the new owner to do some more things on the griffon as by time - as he comes to age - I see areas I wanted to do different. That is why sometimes I pimp stuff. Sometimes there is just something rolling in the deep.

Now to the point why this article might get confusing. The early photos are not the best from their quality and it is even hard for me to tell the difference, but I will try to explain and I hope my words are of any interest for some of you.


I will now show you the figures early finish that I did back in 2011.

Now straight from my heart ...

I was never happy with the cat booty and the highlights there. There are sculpted muscles but I did not paint them properly with enough definition. I was not sure about the freehand work I did on the cloaks, could go much more finer and structured there. There was a mould line on the upper flag and I had to scratch away the paint and redo it again. I was not sure about enough highlights and colours at the base. I was not happy with the contrasts of the eagles face and the detail sorrounding it. So it was time for pimping it up!

I told you I did cut away the evil mould line and redid the banner with a stronger blending from dark to bright. Also cleaned the weapon from several mould line rests and made it more bloody as I imagined how this guy is using this weapon with the force of a striking griffon. Splosh!!

I wanted to create even more movement to the already dynamic base and figure composition. Just the leaves wasn't enough for me when I went for the pimping. So I decided to let the griffon hit the column with his body and strike the stones of the column in his flight. I did so with the use of small plaster pieces and superglue - painted it later on.

I was not happy with the detail on the eagles face so I redid the eyes, put more highlights on the upper head and at the claws.

I've concentrated working on the cat booty with bringing in some cold highlights, gentle ones to give the muscles more definition over there. Also I concentrated on some minor areas of the guys armour to clean it up with strong white and make it even more powerful. I added some stronger highlights to the base stone parts, also more definition. I used some gentle purple in the shadows of the base to bring more complementary contrast to the overall colour composition of the base and I took my time to clean up the freehand areas.



As I told you the photos are some kind of crap when it comes to exact comparision as both are not truely what the figure looks like in real. Somewhere in the middle - you know how strange it sometimes can be when taking photos of figures, do you?

I just wanted to share this article as pimping is very rare on my own figures and maybe you can find some purple here and there in the base, some stronger highlights here and something else that you can imagine it got pimped! In fact I just hope the article may help the one or the other ...

Questions? Please ask.

Happy Pimping to you!
Best Wishes

Kong's WIP thoughts - September #04

by Roman aka jar

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After spending a great weekend at the Edersee at a big Painters meeting it is time to be home for 1,5 weeks again before it is time to head out for two Painting classes in Hamburg. Pouh! Sometimes I truely wish for a time ahead where I can enjoy home for some more days - Busy is calling all day long ...

Thanks to everyone involved in the meeting - it was really a nice time, with nice people, great weather and beautiful nature ...

Today it is time to head out for the studio again and after the last week and the weekend I am not sure what awaits me there ... maybe I start with cleaning myworkbench after these 2 shots show exactly how chaos awoke at the place the last week :)

Thanks to Francois I have some photos of my finished painting class figure. The french Demonette, inspired by the big cemetery we did visit in Paris. The photos are way too small I know - sorry for that, there are no others ...

So far - I am out ... stay bananalicious and keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


by Roman aka jar

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Now c'mon ...

by Roman aka jar

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Tutorial - Drilling your guns!!

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Jungle visitor,

this article is by far not something new, but somehow missing in the jungle. I won't lose too much words about it but got some photos in my banana box for you.

If you want to create a display piece - a miniature that should look as cool as you can paint it in your actual state of experience - it is always good to take some time to prepare it - here are some basic guides that can help you:

Article showing you, how to prepare a miniature before painting.
Guide that shows you through the cleaning process of a plastic GW Marine.
Big Bull getting his horns sanded and his muscles prepared.

Imagine your figure now, painted to your own personal highest standard with a rifle or a gun and the barrel holes are just black dots. For me - I can only say this is my personal taste - such things always hurt my eyes and my heart as it is for sure not hard to give your guns a "drilling moment". It is just annoying :D

I am painting one of the new Chaos Marines of GW Dark Vengeance box and I am pretty amazed about those awesome dynamic sculpts. After preparing my plastic marine I arrived to the spot where to drill my weaponry. Make sure you cleaned your parts well from mouldlines. I am not sure I did it perfect but at least I've tried.

Next step is pretty important. You got to mark the center of your drilling action. You can use a needle or a hobby blade to do so. I did with the tip of my drill and some arm muscle powers. Gnnnaaa!!

After this is done you should see your mark pretty good in the plastic.

Now it is time to drill. I recommand a nonautomatic drill, done by hand for you will have much more control in the soft material. Drill, drill carefully and drill even more carefully. Sometimes when you get the feeling of not making a lot of space, lift the drill from your drill hole and let it breathe. You can now clean the dirt and plastic garbage and drill even more - but always keep it carefully and gentle.

Now drill more until you don't want to drill anymore. Clean up the area with sandpaper or your hobby knife and your gunss are ready to be painted in all their glory.

I should clean some more after I see the last photo here :D

Happy Drilling!