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by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

The jungle is quite silent while Roman and Raffa are moving in the city of love - Paris. The rest of us has stayed at home and is working hard to earn money for living and for spending it on our hobby ;)

During summer I´m quite unmotivated to paint. It´s too warm and there are many other things that are more interesting ;) So after the weather in Germany got worse the last few days I started painting again and I´m on the best way to finish some old projects.

The actual state of the Norman Warrior:

I hope to finish him soon, but as it´s a beautiful bust I will take my time. Another project will take some time too: it´s a Necron I planed to paint for the Games Day Germany this year but unfortunatly my work and the beautiful sights outside my walls took most of my time. But he is developing slowly... don´t know when he will be finished as there is aaaaa lot to do.

But I was also happy to finish a miniature in the last weeks. I was in Berlin for a few days and stayed at Mati´s and Micha´s place. I painted a little Tau Firewarrior for Micha to say thank you for this great time and to dedicate his cabinet with this mini. I hope he will be able to take some good pictures of it ASAP ;)



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