Workshop Review Preview - Versailles, France

by Roman aka jar

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"Paris is always a good idea. "

Audrey Hepburn

We arrived back home - not without having some issues with the german trains - after some beautiful days of vacation in Paris (not Chigago whatever Mr. Waits sings), a great painting class in Versailles and so - really - so many new french words we know now :)

MASSIVE THANKS for a great time to everyone involved, especially to Francois and the team of Tutofig.

Raffa and I are already back in action, tomorrow studio time for us both, me unpacking the massive bag of neverending weight, Raffa throwing bananas at me meanwhile - but to you: make sure to check the jungle for the upcoming review of the first international painting class - me trying to speak some proper english and learning way too much french for my little brain -  :)

The following up teaser is in fact just a teaser until the bigger version with additional Kong Fu is ready!

Thanks to everyone for additional photos - and thanks to Francois for keeping all that organised - you are truely a genius and madmen:)

Gorilla Fingers now go sleep to write more tomorrow!!


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