Kong's WIP thoughts - September #03

by Roman aka jar

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These days seem pretty busy again after our trip to France.

Tomorrow we are heading out to a big painters meeting at the Edersee in Germany for the whole weekend. Relaxing and painting and walking the beautiful nature at this place. Really looking forward to it.

I am already up to translate the Painting Class Handout for those who attented the latest english class, but unfortanetly I got to ask for your patience as the document is kind of massive. You can now find the class review linked up to the Workshop reviews in the upper horizontal linklist.

Bene was at the studio yesterday and we did a 3 hours Speed paint with some of the new GW Dark Vengeance figures and we cleaned the cabinet in the studio. Finished stuff now goes up. Second floor is Bene and my place and Raffa recieved the lowest two as this guy got even more WIP than I do :D

PK-Pro's Ätztech was perfect for our bases we did for the Speed Paint Cultists:

Massive Chaos:

Cleaned up cabinet:

Speed Paint results - 3 hours, starting from a primed figure:

So far, read you next week I guess, 
may you have a blessed weekend.

Happy Painting to you all!

And if you are bored and search for inspiration I can recommand a new blog by me - it is about photos I took and which might be inspirational for figure painters. I just felt that there is no room left in the jungle to put it in here so welcome to the "Tale of the Bananawhale"!

Best Regards

PS: Bananalicious?? WTF?


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