El Final de la Batalla & Kreimhild's Revenge

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, Honour.Guard, silver leaf

Hey readers, 

while I am working on a big project, I thought its time to show you two of my last finished miniatures.
Two really small and very detailed sculpts. Some of you asked me what stuff I use for the bases, finally I give you an answer, I use products from Polak model, Heki, MiniNatur, and different stuff I found on miniature railroad companies (there are really good diorama builders in that hobby scene). Its important to try new things, and collect experiences while testing and work with it.

Now here are the pictures of my miniatures, some of you may have seen Kreimhild on cmon, but I thought its no mistake to show her again, so the people that didn't saw her on cmon, can see her too.

At first I start with "El Final de la Batalla":

Kreimhild's Revenge:

Thats all from my table so far, I hope you like my new stuff.
Thanks for your votes and answers.

Best regards Oli


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