Kingha the Amazon finished

by Roman aka jar


now she is done, in fact i could have painted on her for more hours, but in the end the deadline of the CMON Contest run out and i need to feel freed from her, somehow. Has been a lot of Fun converting and painting her and i have learned a lot about colours again on this one.

Kingha the Amazon - Enigma Miniatures

She is also up to CMON, so if you got a second, please feel free to vote or tell me your oppinion in form of a line dropped there: Klick for Kingha!

In the end i have finally managed to get some better photos of the daemonette from JMD up to CMON:  Klick!

Thanks in advance and i wish you all a happy painting time! I'll be back soon with massive miniature blabla...


Step by Step - Hrothgar the Ironhearted

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Brush friends,

i remember telling you to bring up some old tutorials of mine, which are only in german on the web so far. Here is the next one from Red Box Games - Hrothgar the Ironhearted

Red Box Games? This probably hardly says anything to most of you because RBG is making way to less advertisement for RBG, haha.  ... A small American manufacturer, Tre 'the sculptor simply makes in my eyes really fine characterful Miniatures ...

After Tre' did sent a little' sample packet " of his minis, I could not restrain myself a little thank you and do one of his minis for himself as a gift ... Model is 28 mm and bears the title:

"Hrothagar The Iron Hearted"

To see him as a Green klick this way!

Let's get it started in here with color ...  i have to say that this isn't a really great Step by Step, in fact it shows more my thoughts on the ways the miniature went. I sure have some longer tutorials which show a lot of more detail, but ... no but - here we go:

Base and base coat

The base was designed with less material than most might think of. Therefore only 2 parts were used here - a slightly stronger 4edged balsa wood piece and some Coffee sticks from McDonald's to build the base that way. 4 toothpicks on the table, which has been build by the coffee sticks, glued and then worked over with sand paper around the sides ...

Basecoat has been done with the airbrush, even with very diluted Fenris Gray from the Citadel Foundation series, and even as much diluted with the skin tone from the 1st Base Andrea skin color set ... as always you can click the pictures for a bigger view:

The areas which are currently even brighter simply sprayed several times - the intensity of the shade increases.

As a next step, I decided to be a bit clearer about my direction in color and set the beard and the hair. I think the beard was Bestial Brown with a drop of Fiery Orange and the fur was the same mix with a strong drop of Chaos Black ...

I have also taken 2nd Light skin tone of Andrea in the still moist skin in order to predefine roughly the lights ... and the base has received a few brown parts, with was as far as I remember leftover from the paint on the brush from the fur, so that the mix of the previous was in there somehow.


The base was now the main place of work and I went in there with Chaos Black, Catachan Green, a tip Rotting Flesh and Bestial Brown ... So with such a mess on the Wetpalette the base has been basecoated while mixing it on the miniature itself wet in wet, like painting on canvas. I switched te background to black, don't know why i do such things... sorry for the blurry picture i had done some time ago: 


The attention now wandered onto the metal parts, which were painted in true metal.

I went here from bright metal to dark one by shading it down with thin glazes. The color mixing ... ay, ay ... I believe in the keynote was a drop of ultramarine blue in there in Mithril Silver ... and then for the contraflow a little very dilute smoke from Model Colour to get stretched with a little terracotta to maximize the cold-warm contrast in the blade ...

I have also begun to shade down the skin over Tanned Flesh, Tanned Flesh + terracotta and then here again with a drop Fenris Gray purely for the shadows, uhm, yes ... , i left the lights from basecoating standing bright. Also a bit of purple went into the facial area.

That iron thing which hangs from the wood above is from a cheap earring i have bought in a clothhouse, hehe.

The wooden structure, which was drawn freehand and a good brush and diluted  Rotting Flesh. The same as the next step a little lighter made to emphasize certain points and also infuse the base itself in  light and shadow intense ... Moreover boring larger areas are broken up and the structures have more interests for the viewer ...

From the lighting situation - I have not taken the light upwards,  away from the dwarf into the cold, at the same time in return to the dwarf around to be a bit warmer ...

After this took works out to take place after a bar room brawl i did add decent blood and melted beer here and there.

The skin was brighten up using Dwarf Flesh, and do so in increments of Bleached Bone, a drop of white in the mix for the final light parts. With several thin glazes Dwarf Flesh was then used to soften the transitions.

The beard was done over Snakebite Leather + progressively increased by Bleached Bone + white to move more into the light ...

Mmm ... because of my weird brain in the end, unfortunately, I do not remember much - I can only say: Time taken for darklining between different parts, small patches of light increased, the basic concept of hot / cold expanded ... Lights set, weakened, intensified again, details such as eyes, thyroid, rats, bags, etc. in entire touched again with the brush in a creative rush of great feelings ...

Man, I think I'll stop writing tutorials - who ever should understand this, haha.

Finish he looks that way:


I hope this little Tut pleases and inspires  maybe one or two ... 

Keep on happy painting and check out those Red Box Game Sculpts here!


WIP-Thoughts VI

by Roman aka jar


man it feels good to be home, back on my known workplace with a sweet glass of red wine :)...

Not a lot to tell at this late hour. Working on Denise's Adding i have planned and now try to get it done for the third try - soon i can show you what i have planned here. At the moment i am also preparing something really big and it takes all my strength to get it ready to paint - really looking forward when this piece, which i am not telling you at the moment dives in the river of my work flow.

The last painters weekend has been full of painting for sure - not a lot on my own stuff, because i left the muse her on my workbench i guess, at least it felt like. Today i came a lot of steps forward on Kongha the Amazon, sure there are only 2 days left to finish her up, so i guess tomorrow she will be done finally over the day - still a lot of areas that make me crazy but i keep her going. Thanks to the people on the painter's meeting for their feedback of her lacking in intrest - i am trying to press it in, haha... here she is before i go to bed. Tomorrow more - also planning to do the better photos of the finished Daemonette tomorrow, ups, today, haha...

Hope you like her so far - if you got any advice or ideas please don't mind telling me. Now is the moment to bring it in, before i am going to finish her tomorrow.

Happy Painting all around!

Saturday's Playlist Adding 2

by Roman aka jar


still something left in my brain, which says to me that there was also music for you in the last week. It ain't a problem, Rob, that you weren't able to add some music - as i have heard on the phone you had a funny fully exciting weekend - so i can understand the importance a playlist adding had for you ...

I surely got some music which did inspire me. First of all i want to explain, that i did add  a second playlist now over on MASSIVE VOODOO youtube - one for the silence and chilled painting moments, the other one, the new one will be for songs or music i am often listening to while finishing off some models - brutal, full of energy and aggressiv music which guides me to the moment i declare a miniature as finished - sometimes, more or less... always depends on the mood i am in...

First of all - 3 Songs that have inspired me over the last week and some i do really love listen too all the time - mostly silent:

Ghost in the Shell OST - Kenji Kawai - Making of Cyborg

 Second - 2 songs for the second playlist - the music i am often enjoying listen to while a miniature comes to its end:

As you can see, there is surely a wide sort of music that inspires - no cages in styles, because freedom means being open to a lot, for me.

You may find the playlist over here by clicking on the MASSIVE VOODOO name, top right side, Playlists - still small, but on the rise:

So far, feels good to be back... now let some music hit me while getting my colours prepared for painting...


Edersee Painter's Meeting Review

by Roman aka jar

Always a Hero comes home... ... a song has been called that way on the Original Soundtrack from the latest animated Beowulf Soundtrack. I am surely not a hero but i am home from our great painter's meeting and just have to manage my brain for some moments. I really feel home on this blog :)

The weekend has been very cool. About 30 Painters from all around germany, one from Austria, all from the - Forum did meet on the Edersee near Kassel/Germany and did enjoy miniatures, talking, fun, barbecue (guess the last one in that year), playing soccer, running around naked (not really) and a lot more. It has been the second time this meeting was held (2008 before) and every second of our 6 hours car trip was worth it.

If you are intrested in some impressions you are invited to check a picture gallery from one of the many photographers running around there naked (thanks for catching so many great impressions) , great nature around there, really awesome weekend, check it out:


So i'll be back to normal soon. Getting my stuff on my workbench again and i'll be back soon with some blabla about miniature related things.

I am thankful to Rob that he has written a bit on here. I really like his vision he had for his latest painted model from Red Box Games - really great stuff my friend, that is truely the same that i saw while reading this books.

Nothing more to say at the moment - read you soon with some things which maybe will come up to my mind...

Regards and happy painting!

Missing Saturday's playlistadding 2

by Robert aka muhani

Sorry - I have missed updating Saturday's playlistadding number 2.
Big Kong isn't in the house this weekend, so it would have been on me, to introduce you some music, that inspires me while painting. Well, to be honest, the music I was listening to, this Saturday, was some kind of russian-style-disco-sound, that made me dance and drink way too much vodka.
I hope, you are not too disappointed.


p.s. I'm punished with a bad headache today.

Ulfgar of Auldheim, 28mm

by Robert aka muhani

I finally finished this little viking warrior.

Ulfgar of Auldheim, Red-Box-Games, 28mm

As Roman told you before, I was inspired painting him by the fantastic books of Bernard Cornwell, more precisely the Saxon stories. I gorg these books at the moment.
Maybe the precise descriptions about the warfare in the medieval times were the reason, why Ulfgar turned out so bloody in the end. On the other side, you could call it an accident or maybe destiny. I have used the risky method of filling the pencil with red color, holding it in front of the mini, taking a big breath and ... puff against the mini. While doing so, I was listening to one of Romans recommended painting-music-tracks from the hero-soundtrack. Very inspiring, yes, couldn't stop doing so, and so I did it again, and again, and again ... was some kind of bloodlust. Like the feeling Uthred, the main charakter of the book, has, when he fights in the first row of the wall of shields in the battle. - Disgusting, I know. I think I'll have to hide this mini from the eyes of my son.
Should plan a more peaceful project for the next time, thinking about a pirate drowning with his ship. Muharhar ....
Well, I hope you like it anyway.

And as Roman always says: I wish you all happy painting around the world


Imperial Guard HQ ending today on ebay...

by Roman aka jar

Gn8 to the world,

as i tried to sleep earlier today, without preparing my painting stuff for the painters meeting before, because i thought i can do this tomorrow... i had to get up again. Wasn't really able to close my eyes - so i got up and pack my stuff at the moment.

I just wanted to say "bye" til Monday or Tuesday, but not without a small reminder of those 2 imperial Guard models actual up on ebay - ending today, on Friday, would be great if those 2 would find a nice place or places - check them out here:

So far, read you soon and never stop happy painting!

PS: Robert, now this blog is yours :)

JMD 54mm comissioned Daemonette finished

by Roman aka jar

Good morning,

finally finished the Daemonette by JMD, which i had done on comission. I did some fine subtile detail work on her during the last couple of days to get her finished completly - therefore i want to thank the people over at the Maxpaint-Forum for their critical view.

Daemonette, 54mm, JMD Miniatures

I hope you like how she turned out in the end - she really took me ages but i am happy how she looks in the end, even the dots still look a bit too strong on the photos. Seeing her in natural gives it a more natural look overall - damm taking photos, haha.

She is also up to CMON, if you got a second i would be very happy with a line dropped there. Thanks in advance. Here you go - no not really, because i have decided to take more patience to get another picture done for this... pictures above are a bit strange, trying my best to get some new ones done soon... with more slowness in my action... carefully...

So far from my workbench at the moment. Tomorrow morning we are taking a trip to a painters meeting over the weekend, about  5 hours to go with the car. Don't know what happens until then here on MASSIVE VOODOO.

Stay tuned and keep on happy painting!

WIP-Thoughts V

by Roman aka jar

I told you... about Robert, the other guy here in the jungle of MASSIVE VOODOO, the shy guy. The guy who is the chimp beside the gorilla for the big ape banana friendship thing. Yeah he is shy... let me tell you a bit of todays happenings - not many, but this one really is worth being mentioned in all its detail. About the shy guy... first of all i am sorry if you get me wrong somehow my chimp champ ;)

Second, man, relax. Just post on this blog when you want - there is no one in this jungle ever that will harm you. You'll be protectet by a Kong, harhar. Ok, to the point. Robert send me an email of an actual WIP of him. I said to him, nah, just post it on the VOODOO page, same time effort and you get more in this blog. He was not sure what to do now, so i said no problem, take it easy - a deal: If you post it here fine, if not i guess you will send me an email, but if you do so i'll post it up - that's what the big Kong is good in, haha. Ok here we are now. Robert is actual painting on a Red Box Miniature made by the faboulous Tre' Menor from, ah you know - red-box-games. The model he paints up is named "Ulfgar of Auldheim", what is really funny because i gave Robert some of my favorite historical books to read from the author Bernard Cornwell - The Saxon Story Line, amazing to read, really, but that is something completly different ... talking about books, where would this end, ay, ay... ok, in this book Uthred is the main character and as Robert saw Ulfgar at my house he was amazed by the connection he saw between the model and the stories he actual reads. I love to see sculpts from Red Box Games painted up and as i have a lot of plans on my own with them it was no problem to give it to Robert... really looking what he is going to do with it.

The last WIP he posted you can find here in his Jungle entering posting at the end:

 So as i told you ages ago, he send me an email today with some news around Ulfgar, that he will soon be finished up, he just will do a bit more in the detail work. He also did write his thoughts about what to do, but really i am to lazy to type them in at the moment :) - I think the pictures speak for himself and i really love what i can see... looking forward to see this guy finally finished up... still WIP, here we go:

Ulfgar of Auldheim, Red Box Games, 28 mm
WIP from Muhani, not mine :)

So i get back at my brush to some fine house music...
Read you soon! Happy painting all over the globe!


Step by Step Tutorial - Leo from Yedharo Models

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa hey hey,

after browsing and cleaning up my own hard disk i found a lot of "old" tutorials i had done in german for some german painter forums. I would like to share those with you in english too - even if they are a bit older. So here we go - first up from those Oldies is a Step by Step from my first bust ever - Leo by Yedharo Models in scale 1:10 i did paint back in the end of 2008. It is also my Zodiac so i was very excited by this great bust.

The model is available in bleached bone - similar resin and had no noticeable casting defects or burrs - class quality:

After the model was washed (brush, soap and water) has been primed with the so-called 2-component priming method of first black primer, followed by white:

Getting Started

The colour I wanted him to keep was quite yellow with a brown mane. Not as typical for a natural lion fur, a little more in the direction "Fantasylionking" what he is indeed the end for me when saw him first ...

As base i did use a mix of Snakebite Leather with a tip of Bleached Bone for the brighter yellow parts in which I brought in the wet basic colour, a bit of Bestial Brown for the first soft shadows mingled down ...

... while the mane with a mix of Bestial Brown + Chaos Black was started. While it was still wet, I went with pure Bestial Brown in it to get lights in the wet ground - in the end I do think even a drop of the yellow tone jumped in ...has been very spontaneous, so I apologize if this performance gap ...


By now i had thoughts of highlights and shadows before my eyes on the bust. I started to develop them further, in the yellow field with Bestial Brown, Black glaze gen end up with a drop of turquoise and at the end of a mini-droplets to intensify the shadows (the darkest mixture thereof, I took the deepest recesses, such as teeth, etc. and made them dark, while I fell back to the mane on stains from a highly dilute Chaos Black + Schorched Brown Mix...

The lots, such as leather and sword I first ran out completely ... The eyes, I've started with a black base, set up a yellow and painted the black same time, the black eyeballs to determine the view:

With terracotta, translucent plotted enhanced I call the color of the face around there more attention. The mane was controlled in some of the lights and shadows again further strengthened and intensed.

The mouth was then followed with a mix of Warlock Purple, Codex Grey and  Tanned Flesh. Also the facial got some subtile attention with these colours mostly with warlock purple.

For the leather parts, I again used the technique of wet on wet painting, and thus set a baseline of several shades of brown, to the shadows out something blue in the mix, and after drying, the addition of subtle desert yellow to indicate some wear agencies ...

The metal has started very brightly with Mithril Silver and here was wet colour again made into one another on the miniature, the first step towards the shade. By adding Chaos Black (single darker) on a drop Teracotto (customize the metal) to the addition of blue (shadow in the background) bring the metal has received at the end of his appearance.

The leather on the shoulder that began with a mix of Catachan Green and Bleached Bone, which I re-together moist by adding a drop of blue / brown darkening. As with the leather strap was done also by the addition of Desert Yellow to simulatee wear ...

This whole story was then, after being dried, diluttly glazed with about 5 ~ 6 layers of  paint over smoke from Vallejo Model Colour 70939 while in the end and downward a tip of blue / turquoise in the smoke mingled to reinforce the shade. In between were a few lines of wear and even the broken edges of the cracks with a pure desert yellow done, in places also followed suit with Bleached Bone ...

After drying,  bloodstains were added randomly ...

A little play in a small image editing program made me look how the light suits on the model at the moment:

The eyes and the mouth parts were further clarified. Subtle glazes of red and blue and purple here and there enhanced the effect of deep-set eye sockets, while the eyes did get a reflex point. The right eye with the scar about 6 times stained with a highly diluted mixture of gloss varnish and light blue turquoise / (Always leave to dry) ...

The basic color of the mouth was slightly brought lighter and fine lines were drawn over the lower lip. Then I came up with the weirdo idea with lots of fine varnish on the eyes and mouth somehow bring the shine to ... Yeah, bring the shine! Stupid idea, haha:

I did take this a bit more in fading away by painting over the glossy parts again...  learning while doing, haha.

The yellowish skin was highlighted with the subtle addition of Bleached Bone cleared in the basic mix - single lines were applied to an attempt by the structure of fur ... Mane in the final lights were intensed ...



Intensified final shade with one or another glaze and also emphasizes the lights with minimal brush contact ...

Unfortunately, the final preparation is passed once again in a brainless moment on my part and precise grammar of the approach is hardly enumerable, as eigtl already so far in this entire step-by-step ... for this I apologize - I tend to work spontaneously, but I think for the one or the other, this may look very interesting.

The final bust:


I hope I could have given a little insight, even if the step-by-step sure sounds massivly confused again - but that's the way i am ... so please take me as i am forever ... love or so... blurrb! 

Happy Painting!

WIP-Thoughts IV

by Roman aka jar


quick, short and precious, because it is late at night here in Augsburg. We had a little painting meeting with Andi (noobyfied= from Graz, Raffa (Picster) and Peter (Baphomet) here at mine. Very nice and joyful evening/night - thanks my brushcomrads... 

I did start to paint up Kingha, the Amazon, which i converted a bit... i am trying to make her as a colour tribute to one of my favorite painter idol, Sebastian Archer aka automaton from Australia. I really love his style, feeling of colour and his great scenery and little and big conversions and detail accurate painting skills and his ... nah, i think you get what i mean, he is the man of harmony in everything - i love his stuff and he really is a great inspiration to me, everytime he finishs up a miniature. I took an old beloved piece of art from him for my colour inspiration... Lathiem, Oak Leaf... i really admire and adore this awesome and fantastic choice of colours here - also it is perfectly painted... ahhh... sweet and a model i could stare for hours with open King Kong mouth... 

I first thought of trying using the same colours for my tribute... but i failed somehow, but didn't know when. I guess when it came to colour choice. Made my green with goblin green and ice blue from GW, funny start but far away from sebastian's colours in the end, haha. Let's see what happens on the further way she will go. I maybe feel that i did understand seb's great harmonic style of painting by using warm and cold contrast in everything on the miniature... just a feeling and i try to bring it further in Kongha: The model is still WIP and i am planning to paint some more hours on her, even i am not sure if i can make it in time til the End of September for the CMON Contest. So here she is somewhere between start and concept:

Bigger pictures on another day... i am damm tired right now and if Mr. Roberto reads this i would ask him to call me to get up at 9:00 am, pleeeeeaaaasssseeee - i need to clean up the flat before - you know!


Tzeentch Lord on disk finished - gaming table comission

by Roman aka jar


now Robert left the corner of silence and is now here with us. Don't give too much about stuff he is telling about me - he completly misunderstands me some time - he didn't really get what i meant with "bake her a cake"... whatever, i am glad you are here now and finally not shy anymore.

First i didn't want to post today, because i wanted the chimp stand here on top of this blog for one day before the kong comes back, but - these paths are strange in our jungle and after calling him and telling him my thoughts and worries he allowed me to step in the arena today without a thought on a worry... so here is the Kong, screaming, shouthing and letting the bass kick again with some miniature news from his workbench - by the way Mr. Muhani, i am really, really, really, really, really looking forward to your next finished miniatures... rock on and enjoy every second of it - hear you soon, bro'...

I have finished the last mentioned Tzeentch Lord on Disk from Games Workshop which also got a wished screamer of Tzeentch on top of a base from microartstudio - painted as a comission work for the gaming table, so it is not the highest quality work i have ever done, but its always important to look at the final location the miniature will go to...

Hope you like him! It is also up to CMON, if you want to drop a line there - thanks in advance...

Keep on happy painting!


For Sale...

by Roman aka jar

lost in the warp

Muhani enters the Jungle...

by Robert aka muhani

Hello world,

after spending a very relaxed weekend hanging around in the nearby trees, eating bananas and stiring my brain on the search for some English knowledge, I'm ready to follow Roman's path through the jungle of colors, miniatures and all the other very dangerous animals this path has to offer. I am without fear - I am a chimp. And chimps eat lions for breakfast.

As Roman explained already - well, stop. Let me also explain: "Do you remember the fun you had ...." Damn f...... s... impossible for me to find words that are nearly as sticky sweet as Roman's. But what I can do, is completing the list of things we are different in. So here we go: I have hair, he has none. I am small, he is tall, I listen while he is speaking, I like coffee and red wine, ... well, we both do like coffee and red wine. But whats much more important than sharing the same vice is sharing the addiction for paint, what's less a vice than a passion. ... blablabla ... You will hardly believe me, but Roman really has much more in his weird brain than paint. Although I am 31 and he is only 27, he has much wisdom. Don't know how often he helped me out with brilliant answers for tricky problems. I guess 200 times. So if he compares me with the dark lord, it's on me to compare him with Jesus and call me an apostel.

Had a long day today, and am a bit confused and excited at the same time. The sentences, that come in my mind, do it in a very confusing way. At first in German, then they walk through an old-school-german-english-translating-engine, I have found in a grey corner of my brain, before they appear on my display, not knowing if they are grammatical correct or not. I guess not and hope you understand anyway.
By the way, Roman allowed me to write anything I want to, even banana-recipes, but I won't do so. If you asked me why not, I'd say I don't know any.

Back to the point. Why am I here? Why don't I have my own blog? Why am I not sitting in a banana-tree? I haven't seriously thought about blogging until Roman asked me to join his. Unsure at first, thinking about pros and cons, not least my lousy English, I decided to join in. It's the geographical distance that separates us from having cool painting sessions together, or just having a good time, so this will be our party-room. Here I am a chimp. Not as loud as a gorilla, but I will try to do my best, sharing my experiences, mistakes, thoughts or whatever could be intersting or not, with you.

As it is late already here in Austria, and I have to do my regular job tomorrow, I say good-by for now, sending you a pic of my workspace:

and another one from a little fun-project:

"Ulfgar of Auldheim" from Red-Box-Games

and another one:

"Swiss Guard" from Infinity

Kind Regards

Tutorial - Making straps in the wind

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, Jarhead, kong

Hi there,

ahh no! Me again, did forget something and now will put in a single post to add a tiny Tutorial with it. Now you see what coffee makes to me, haha.

Making straps which move in the wind

Movement in the sculpts of miniatures always tells something. If the pose is very static i love to add some extern movement in the scene by making things move with the wind. I actual prepare a model from Enigma, which has been limited sold by CMON for the CMON-Contest Number 17, if i am not wrong there in the back of my brain.

She normally has some poodle haircut but i did not like this in the end. Just personal taste. So i did cut if off and thought about a leather cap with some straps moving in the wind. That will individualize the model very much and gives her a total different look as i hope in the end. It is not finished yet, but i will show you how i do the straps/ribbons  like one on the Eldar, which had been from green stuff before and broke, added with this technique - i talk about this piece on the eldar:

This is the actual model from Enigma - Kingha the Amazon, by the legendary Raul Garcia Latorre, cut of from her haircut (sorry about that), the shield is from the Games Workshop Chaos Knight plastic sprue, also the skulls are from GW's skeleton's box, while the base is made from Hirst Art pieces on top of a socket from

I did now take thin copper metal sheet and a scissor to cut it in form, then i glued (superglue) it to the places on the model i want them straps hanging:


Now i let it dry before moving them around like i want them taken by the wind. I also will add the leather cap with green stuff. Nothing special in this tutorial but i thought it could be intresting for some of you.

So far - keep on happy belting!


WIP-Thoughts III

by Roman aka jar


i hope you all have a good start in this week. As you can see the MASSIVE VOODOO changes didn't activate anything yet. I promise Robert is not only an imagined friend he is there, somewhere out there in the jungle and preparing his first posting... i am really looking forward, but he always should know that there will never be pressure in the jungle to climb that palm tree... take your time and do it from the heart.

I can tell you that we are trying to improve the comfort of MASSIVE VOODOO navigation sooner or later so that there will be somethings on a left sidebar too. The right sidebar is very long and i don't get this as comfort for you... stay tuned to that point.

As i am painting full time, there is no break for me at all. The week starts wonderful, with a painter guy from Graz (noobyfied from CMON) tomorrow who visits me for some Happy painting time! Also Raffa (Picster) and Peter (Baphomet) will be there too i hope.

I really have to say that i enjoy this blog a lot, surely your feedback here is one reason - thank you very much for your intrest, surely, also it seems to get some passion diary for me and maybe also for Robert someday, harhar - no pressure my friend. What has happened on my workbench at the weekend, which mostly has been a chilling time with my girlfriend and the neighbour baby twins and parents - blabla - what has happened on the workbench:

Denise - she is ready for adding something i want to add with green stuff. More to come soon about that idea - oh dear how i love this sculpt from Pegaso:

Went a bit further on the sniper and tried to catch him on photo in front of a dark background. Sorry that the pictures are a bit blurry and as i see on the photo i have to go at the rifle again carefully - it is so thin, it easily moves:

I have also started a comission piece for the gaming table - a Tzeentch Lord on disk. More soon from this model, also bigger pictures - but be easy with me, he will be for gaming purposes in the end.

Some moments on the Gheisa, including some further steps on the skin, flower and cloth. Sure this will be a hard work to get her finished, but i only take her under the brush in a quiet moment for an hour more or less... it is not her time at the moment, but she grows step by step...



 Also the Daemonette took her last steps. She is now finished from my side, but as some critical feedback, which i am very thankful of over on showed some more areas where i can go at for the final finishing. It took me hours to achieve a good looking, natural photo quality of her... still the dots look a bit too strong on the photos, but i wasn't able to get this fixed - here she is - i would be very intrested in your oppinions or also a critical eagle view to help me finish her:






So far from my WIP-Thoughts and actual Work in Progress Models. Read you soon and keep on happy painting!