Tutorial - Interesting metal tutorial

by Roman aka jar

me again, as said another article was planned and is now finished. It didn't went well with this article - the furniture change in our flat and some other things before didn't allow me to make the full Step by Step article i had planned and i am really sorry about that.
Here is a bit of thought of making metallics intresting with bringing in some "normal" colours, i am very glad to had the oppourtunity to demonstrate this on the cool Chaos Lord from Avatars of War:
If you got some moments you really should stay a bit in the Hobby Section of the AoW Forums, where you can find more articles. Also take a moment to browse the shop and i garantue you that you will fall in love with these heroic models, would be great to see you do an article, even it is just for the gaming table or whatever, everything helps if you show others how you work to spread the word of miniature painting:
Big thanks go out to Felix from AoW!

Keep on happy painting!


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