WIP-Thoughts III

by Roman aka jar

Again its me... having a great painting time today...
I guess i need to tell you that i am doing this full time at the moment (til September 2010). Sure it is nice to wake up and think about and do some painting, but sooner or later everything comes normal - so this is a cool normal :)
Rainy day, good music and some miniatures... What happened:
Denise is based and ready to take carefully care of filling mini spaces and stuff (thanks to Raffa for giving the hint too be enourmous careful and patient).

The Eldar Tutorial is still waiting... i feel it is better to do so when the time is right... whenever this might be Big Buddha! But i have made some "normal" pictures without the light box from the Eldar, one with lightning from the camera, one without:

So i hope this is a bit of an excuse... buddha will now the right moment :)...
The model has been sold to a French collector, thank you very much my honoured customer!

Went a bit further on the Sniper on that weirdo base... some really intresting ways he went through... Crazy Ivanovitch Peter "Baphomet/Pedro" stayed to a cup of coffee this afternoon and had a brilliant idea - he saw this sniper sitting in an old harbour ruin... i did already plan to fill the lower part with a bit of muddy water but Peter got my attention as he did propose a Ship's mast, ruined, dead, somehow... he also has my full thanks for that vision he has given me. See me doing a deep thankful Kung-Fu bow... slowly.

As said... a ship's mast. Done with round wood parts, a lot of glue, some fine cotton and ... mmh, go have a look - the first thoughts of the idea:

With some sail on it...

I used a water drown tissue to bring on the sail and drunk it in Super Glue. Not the best way as you can see it has become a bit messed up, also in one moment the whole mast was glueing at my thumb - a hell of a fun, haha. I will write a tutorial to that after this post, on how i do such kind of things... here you go:


...weirdo style:

The actual state of progress of the Sniper with the mast and the sail (basecoated with black and white at the moment) and some further steps, not much, but hey slowly moves the ninja...


Slowly starting to paint the sniper:

So far from the Sniper front. A real joy to paint on him, but he moves into the cabinet until everything is dry. An in between shot from yesterday night from my workbench, not so clean anymore:

Hope you like what i can show you here... i will go write some tutorials for the blog now!
Read you soon!

PS: And i have added a virtual stripper in the blog - don't know why... like the idea... you can write there "dance" and stuff like that... but you have to find out yourself when bored by me blalalala...


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