Helldorado's "Maitre des Lames" finished

by Roman aka jar

as the plan of finishing the "Maitre des Lames" has worked out yesterday - guess what - yepp, she is now finished:

"Maitre des Lames" - Helldorado, 28 mm

If you got some spare time and want to leave a vote or a comment over at CMON - here you go:

I got the Immortal box from Helldorado as an exchange idea. I get to box to paint 2 Minis up for the nice person who has given me the box. He wants the magician and the little helper, but before i start this project i had to paint this lady up - really love that sculpt. Hope you like my vision of that sculpt.

I am looking forward to do some more of that box in the future.

Keep on happy painting!


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