WIP Thoughts II

by Roman aka jar


ok, next post will be the Eldar tutorial... damm the muse... i have to sort my actual projects beside the fight against my camera - at the moment i am finishing the Daemonette, starting now with the detail work:



Some good music hit me to this... which, i know what i did say^^ - it will be a miniature exchange with ScottRadom (CMON):


Also i have started to prepare another Comission, from Pegaso, called Denise. I am really looking forward to her, i am really fascinated by the sculpt and the idea i got for her. By the way the most isnpiration to start her comes from Picster again - he is painting this wonderful sculpt at the moment and he really got me into her... thanks a lot my friend - if you want to take a look at his version, still WIP:

Mine looks like this at the moment, but i am on it... attention, the picture has been made very, very fast...

Hit me with music and read you soon!
Keep on happy painting!


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