Saturday Playlistadding 1 - Music which inspires me

by Roman aka jar


as music is mostly the source of all inspiration, the harbour of our souls within, a deep lake between the mountains, music is very important to anyone who lives, more or less for the individuals but mostly a part of any creative vibration one can have in their hearts...

As i am really inspired these days and mostly all time by some music source - one totally different to the other - i have chosen to share my inspiration music with you in a little playlist over at So it is getting bigger with the time and maybe some may want to join my music  inspiration - if this is a stupid idea just let me know, but i guess ain't nobody will be hurt by this late night thought of mine - here we go the first 5 on this Saturday (next Saturday will be off, because there will be a painters meeting on the weekend, but i will do it before the weekend maybe) - My actual 5 most inspiring songs while painting miniatures:

Tan Dun - Gone with the leaves - OST Hero 

Tan Dun - Spirit Fight - OST Hero

When my time comes, music is one of the things I will miss.

Enjoy the holiday with enough time for some good music... and keep on happy painting all around!


PS: ährm yeah:
MAssIVeVooDOO Playlist


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