WIP-Thoughts V

by Roman aka jar

I told you... about Robert, the other guy here in the jungle of MASSIVE VOODOO, the shy guy. The guy who is the chimp beside the gorilla for the big ape banana friendship thing. Yeah he is shy... let me tell you a bit of todays happenings - not many, but this one really is worth being mentioned in all its detail. About the shy guy... first of all i am sorry if you get me wrong somehow my chimp champ ;)

Second, man, relax. Just post on this blog when you want - there is no one in this jungle ever that will harm you. You'll be protectet by a Kong, harhar. Ok, to the point. Robert send me an email of an actual WIP of him. I said to him, nah, just post it on the VOODOO page, same time effort and you get more in this blog. He was not sure what to do now, so i said no problem, take it easy - a deal: If you post it here fine, if not i guess you will send me an email, but if you do so i'll post it up - that's what the big Kong is good in, haha. Ok here we are now. Robert is actual painting on a Red Box Miniature made by the faboulous Tre' Menor from, ah you know - red-box-games. The model he paints up is named "Ulfgar of Auldheim", what is really funny because i gave Robert some of my favorite historical books to read from the author Bernard Cornwell - The Saxon Story Line, amazing to read, really, but that is something completly different ... talking about books, where would this end, ay, ay... ok, in this book Uthred is the main character and as Robert saw Ulfgar at my house he was amazed by the connection he saw between the model and the stories he actual reads. I love to see sculpts from Red Box Games painted up and as i have a lot of plans on my own with them it was no problem to give it to Robert... really looking what he is going to do with it.

The last WIP he posted you can find here in his Jungle entering posting at the end:

 So as i told you ages ago, he send me an email today with some news around Ulfgar, that he will soon be finished up, he just will do a bit more in the detail work. He also did write his thoughts about what to do, but really i am to lazy to type them in at the moment :) - I think the pictures speak for himself and i really love what i can see... looking forward to see this guy finally finished up... still WIP, here we go:

Ulfgar of Auldheim, Red Box Games, 28 mm
WIP from Muhani, not mine :)

So i get back at my brush to some fine house music...
Read you soon! Happy painting all over the globe!



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