Tutorial - Making straps in the wind

by Roman aka jar

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Hi there,

ahh no! Me again, did forget something and now will put in a single post to add a tiny Tutorial with it. Now you see what coffee makes to me, haha.

Making straps which move in the wind

Movement in the sculpts of miniatures always tells something. If the pose is very static i love to add some extern movement in the scene by making things move with the wind. I actual prepare a model from Enigma, which has been limited sold by CMON for the CMON-Contest Number 17, if i am not wrong there in the back of my brain.

She normally has some poodle haircut but i did not like this in the end. Just personal taste. So i did cut if off and thought about a leather cap with some straps moving in the wind. That will individualize the model very much and gives her a total different look as i hope in the end. It is not finished yet, but i will show you how i do the straps/ribbons  like one on the Eldar, which had been from green stuff before and broke, added with this technique - i talk about this piece on the eldar:

This is the actual model from Enigma - Kingha the Amazon, by the legendary Raul Garcia Latorre, cut of from her haircut (sorry about that), the shield is from the Games Workshop Chaos Knight plastic sprue, also the skulls are from GW's skeleton's box, while the base is made from Hirst Art pieces on top of a socket from Sockelmacher.de:

I did now take thin copper metal sheet and a scissor to cut it in form, then i glued (superglue) it to the places on the model i want them straps hanging:


Now i let it dry before moving them around like i want them taken by the wind. I also will add the leather cap with green stuff. Nothing special in this tutorial but i thought it could be intresting for some of you.

So far - keep on happy belting!



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