Saturday's Playlist Adding 2

by Roman aka jar


still something left in my brain, which says to me that there was also music for you in the last week. It ain't a problem, Rob, that you weren't able to add some music - as i have heard on the phone you had a funny fully exciting weekend - so i can understand the importance a playlist adding had for you ...

I surely got some music which did inspire me. First of all i want to explain, that i did add  a second playlist now over on MASSIVE VOODOO youtube - one for the silence and chilled painting moments, the other one, the new one will be for songs or music i am often listening to while finishing off some models - brutal, full of energy and aggressiv music which guides me to the moment i declare a miniature as finished - sometimes, more or less... always depends on the mood i am in...

First of all - 3 Songs that have inspired me over the last week and some i do really love listen too all the time - mostly silent:

Ghost in the Shell OST - Kenji Kawai - Making of Cyborg

 Second - 2 songs for the second playlist - the music i am often enjoying listen to while a miniature comes to its end:

As you can see, there is surely a wide sort of music that inspires - no cages in styles, because freedom means being open to a lot, for me.

You may find the playlist over here by clicking on the MASSIVE VOODOO name, top right side, Playlists - still small, but on the rise:

So far, feels good to be back... now let some music hit me while getting my colours prepared for painting...



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