Tzeentch Lord on disk finished - gaming table comission

by Roman aka jar


now Robert left the corner of silence and is now here with us. Don't give too much about stuff he is telling about me - he completly misunderstands me some time - he didn't really get what i meant with "bake her a cake"... whatever, i am glad you are here now and finally not shy anymore.

First i didn't want to post today, because i wanted the chimp stand here on top of this blog for one day before the kong comes back, but - these paths are strange in our jungle and after calling him and telling him my thoughts and worries he allowed me to step in the arena today without a thought on a worry... so here is the Kong, screaming, shouthing and letting the bass kick again with some miniature news from his workbench - by the way Mr. Muhani, i am really, really, really, really, really looking forward to your next finished miniatures... rock on and enjoy every second of it - hear you soon, bro'...

I have finished the last mentioned Tzeentch Lord on Disk from Games Workshop which also got a wished screamer of Tzeentch on top of a base from microartstudio - painted as a comission work for the gaming table, so it is not the highest quality work i have ever done, but its always important to look at the final location the miniature will go to...

Hope you like him! It is also up to CMON, if you want to drop a line there - thanks in advance...

Keep on happy painting!



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