Edersee Painter's Meeting Review

by Roman aka jar

Always a Hero comes home... ... a song has been called that way on the Original Soundtrack from the latest animated Beowulf Soundtrack. I am surely not a hero but i am home from our great painter's meeting and just have to manage my brain for some moments. I really feel home on this blog :)

The weekend has been very cool. About 30 Painters from all around germany, one from Austria, all from the Maxpaint.de - Forum did meet on the Edersee near Kassel/Germany and did enjoy miniatures, talking, fun, barbecue (guess the last one in that year), playing soccer, running around naked (not really) and a lot more. It has been the second time this meeting was held (2008 before) and every second of our 6 hours car trip was worth it.

If you are intrested in some impressions you are invited to check a picture gallery from one of the many photographers running around there naked (thanks for catching so many great impressions) , great nature around there, really awesome weekend, check it out:


So i'll be back to normal soon. Getting my stuff on my workbench again and i'll be back soon with some blabla about miniature related things.

I am thankful to Rob that he has written a bit on here. I really like his vision he had for his latest painted model from Red Box Games - really great stuff my friend, that is truely the same that i saw while reading this books.

Nothing more to say at the moment - read you soon with some things which maybe will come up to my mind...

Regards and happy painting!


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