Tutorial - Making skin with dot grain

by Roman aka jar

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lalala... no Eldar yet. But i got something else, which might be intresting. I often use this technique when painting demons or mostly demonettes. I would call it "Doting", but i guess everyone has his own idea of a better name.
As i am finishing off the JMD Daemonette at the Moment and started over to the detailed work i have decided to give her skin some daemonic areas or maybe i thought to make it look more daemonic in the end.

I did prepare my colours i needed for the dots. From bright to dark. Started with the 1st Light in the Skintoneset by Andrea, a tip of tentacle pink, a dip of warlock purple, a dip of liche purple and finally a small tip of chaos black... prepared it looks like this:

I next took  a thoothpick...

... and dipped one tip into the colour i want to make a dot with. Take care that the colours are a bit thinned with water, but not too much, because the tip of the toothpick gets to blurry when making a dot. I thin it like after having taking the colour up, there are 3~5 dots available from the pick, before i have to take some more colours. Then dotting time begins... patience is needed:

I have tried to fit in the lighter dots to the brighter areas on the model - the darker ones in the shadow areas. You can also cut your toothpick's tip a bit too make the dots even more sharper and smaller.

The actual progress of the daemonette with millions of dots and way too much time spended in them, but i like how they turn out in the end. Guess there is still some time in painting on the Daemonette but soon i'll be finished... too quick pictures again, sorry a bit blurry, take good ones when the model is finished.

I am always testing a dot before i go to the miniature and if your finger looks like this you have been patient:

Happy Doting! Sure you can also do this with a brush on smaller models, an accurate tip of it and a ton of concentration helps. The good thing about the toothpick is that you can use more or less pressure and the dots stay mostly the same seize. With a brush there can be some accidents more easier - this is how smaller dots with a brush can look like:

Keep on happy painting!


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