Tutorial - Chipped Paint in real on wood

by Roman aka jar

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first one will be how i do those chipped paint on wooden parts like i did on the German Soldier "1942" from Romeo Models a while ago:

I did the same sort on the Sniper from Helldorado. On my roof terrace we have an really old white painted wooden table which looses his paint from the time he stands up there lonely. I carefully took some, broke some in smaller pieces... picture, Roman, picture not only blabla:

The toothpick was used taking glue on one side and take some pieces with the other side - really take care to take the right one. Sometimes i use some Spit with the "not glued" side to get the pieces more easier, so you can see be careful ;)
I then took some hours to finish this, afterwards i washed the boards in some thinned smoke from Vallejo to get them in the base from the aspect of harmonic colours in the end.

Pretty hard way to achieve the goal but I hope it keeps you inspired and your eyes open :)

After finding Crackle Medium I recommand using this for this task.

Keep on happy painting!


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