Massive Changes on MASSIVE VOODOO

by Roman aka jar

Hi there,

how to start?

Do you remember the fun you had with a good friend when you were 12 years or so. Always making dumb things, playing sheriff and gangster, batman and robin or just He-Man or Skeletor? When you do will understand this change Massive Voodoo has gone through with this posting. It's just about a deep friendship, but i will explain everything slowly and easy to catch i hope.

This Massive Voodoo can't be done without his name being mentioned, after all i have asked him to join Massive Voodoo because every dark Sith has his master, his way more darker commander, his Sith lord, who is there always, kicking your butt, making coffee late at night while you do too at the same moment, your laughing pinky when you feel like brain, next moment the roles are changed and so on... a true friend i have made, that's all i mean and i meet a lot of great persons, therefore i have to say thanks to the Love of the Hobby, also made a couple of intresting and inspiring friendships but none has been as this full Ying-Yang thing i will explain following up... that isn't meant personally to anyone who knows me that i did choose him for this idea in my head, really, if you get me wrong here i excuse myself for this misinterpretation i have to be blaimed for...

As i have been to Graz/Austria early this year to hold a workshop in miniature painting - my first one - i have met hthis shy guy from Austria. Nothing more to say than thank you for accepting me like the weirdo thunderbirdie i am and i am enjoying every moment of our friendship, the good and the bad ones...

Sure, he is also painting miniatures and hell yeah i think he does it damm good. I think i have been able to show him what happy painting means and as he really is an very accourate and slow painter, who isn't spamming in forums and elsewhere like i do, we really could be the total opposite of ourselfs and that might be the reason why this friendship is growing so special...

Last time we tried to paint together has been a spontanous weekend where he has visited me for the fun of painting and it didn't work out in the end to paint together. As these moments took place more often in the past, we decided to use MASSIVE VOODOO for our personal obsession playground.

This won't change very much i guess - Robert is very shy in writing something, so maybe he will never talk in here or i have to show his finished miniatures or tell you his thoughts or whatever - i just don't know what this change will do but i am looking forward in a bright future of MASSIVE VOODOO with his dark Sith powers on my side and his "turnaroundicheckyouwithmynose - Painting Style" for maximum accuration in every single detail - i really love his work, don't get me wrong... but he also is good in html and such strange internet stuff i will never get in my brain, so we also be a perfect match at this i think and thank. And as i know he is too shy to post his last minature on its own i will do so, here it is - an Eldar Ranger from Games Workshops Fanatic Inquisitor Range, 54 mm - sweet jar i like that one he has done, even if he is shy:

So far... nothing more to say at the moment. Some changes may appear over the next few days but we try to keep them secret and hidden for your eyes so everything will be over as soon you'll be reading this... moving my hand like a jedi before in front of your face... over and out!

Gn8 and happy and so...


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