JMD 54mm comissioned Daemonette finished

by Roman aka jar

Good morning,

finally finished the Daemonette by JMD, which i had done on comission. I did some fine subtile detail work on her during the last couple of days to get her finished completly - therefore i want to thank the people over at the Maxpaint-Forum for their critical view.

Daemonette, 54mm, JMD Miniatures

I hope you like how she turned out in the end - she really took me ages but i am happy how she looks in the end, even the dots still look a bit too strong on the photos. Seeing her in natural gives it a more natural look overall - damm taking photos, haha.

She is also up to CMON, if you got a second i would be very happy with a line dropped there. Thanks in advance. Here you go - no not really, because i have decided to take more patience to get another picture done for this... pictures above are a bit strange, trying my best to get some new ones done soon... with more slowness in my action... carefully...

So far from my workbench at the moment. Tomorrow morning we are taking a trip to a painters meeting over the weekend, about  5 hours to go with the car. Don't know what happens until then here on MASSIVE VOODOO.

Stay tuned and keep on happy painting!


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