WIP-Thoughts VI

by Roman aka jar


man it feels good to be home, back on my known workplace with a sweet glass of red wine :)...

Not a lot to tell at this late hour. Working on Denise's Adding i have planned and now try to get it done for the third try - soon i can show you what i have planned here. At the moment i am also preparing something really big and it takes all my strength to get it ready to paint - really looking forward when this piece, which i am not telling you at the moment dives in the river of my work flow.

The last painters weekend has been full of painting for sure - not a lot on my own stuff, because i left the muse her on my workbench i guess, at least it felt like. Today i came a lot of steps forward on Kongha the Amazon, sure there are only 2 days left to finish her up, so i guess tomorrow she will be done finally over the day - still a lot of areas that make me crazy but i keep her going. Thanks to the people on the painter's meeting for their feedback of her lacking in intrest - i am trying to press it in, haha... here she is before i go to bed. Tomorrow more - also planning to do the better photos of the finished Daemonette tomorrow, ups, today, haha...

Hope you like her so far - if you got any advice or ideas please don't mind telling me. Now is the moment to bring it in, before i am going to finish her tomorrow.

Happy Painting all around!


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