WIP-Thoughts IV

by Roman aka jar


quick, short and precious, because it is late at night here in Augsburg. We had a little painting meeting with Andi (noobyfied= from Graz, Raffa (Picster) and Peter (Baphomet) here at mine. Very nice and joyful evening/night - thanks my brushcomrads... 

I did start to paint up Kingha, the Amazon, which i converted a bit... i am trying to make her as a colour tribute to one of my favorite painter idol, Sebastian Archer aka automaton from Australia. I really love his style, feeling of colour and his great scenery and little and big conversions and detail accurate painting skills and his ... nah, i think you get what i mean, he is the man of harmony in everything - i love his stuff and he really is a great inspiration to me, everytime he finishs up a miniature. I took an old beloved piece of art from him for my colour inspiration... Lathiem, Oak Leaf... i really admire and adore this awesome and fantastic choice of colours here - also it is perfectly painted... ahhh... sweet and a model i could stare for hours with open King Kong mouth...


I first thought of trying using the same colours for my tribute... but i failed somehow, but didn't know when. I guess when it came to colour choice. Made my green with goblin green and ice blue from GW, funny start but far away from sebastian's colours in the end, haha. Let's see what happens on the further way she will go. I maybe feel that i did understand seb's great harmonic style of painting by using warm and cold contrast in everything on the miniature... just a feeling and i try to bring it further in Kongha: The model is still WIP and i am planning to paint some more hours on her, even i am not sure if i can make it in time til the End of September for the CMON Contest. So here she is somewhere between start and concept:

Bigger pictures on another day... i am damm tired right now and if Mr. Roberto reads this i would ask him to call me to get up at 9:00 am, pleeeeeaaaasssseeee - i need to clean up the flat before - you know!



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