Eldar - Work in Progress

by Roman aka jar


too many Work in Progress Miniatures standing around here, so let's get it started. At this point i have to say sorry to all the people waiting of some work of mine or those who are confused about my jumping between different miniatures while painting. Most of the time i feel like a creative monstrum without control, haha.

The next days it is planned to piant two miniatures up to finish. One is from the Immortal box of Helldorado, the other is an Eldar from Games Workshop. Actual Progress of the Eldar-WIP:

I am planning to paint him up for the gaming table in high standards. The model has been build from parts found in a friend's bitz box and the pose should show him before a dynamic charge of an enemy... this has been tried to strengthen by adding green stuff for the belt pieces.

Painting so far has been mostly made on the armour. I have started here:

Hawk Tourquise + Bronzed Flesh + Bleached Bone

First Shadows (glazed twice):
Hawk Tourquise

Second Shadow (glazed twice):
Hawk Tourquise + Regal Blue

Third Shadow (glazed twice):
Hawk Tourquise + Regal Blue + Tip of Chaos Black

The browns are so far done by a wet in wet mix of Schorched Brown, Hawk Tourquise, Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather...

Still a long way to go - so i am at the painting table - read you soon, i hope...



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