Maitre des Lames - Helldorado Immortals - Work in Progress

by Roman aka jar

Me again^^,

during the posting of the eldar WIP i mentioned that another model from Helldorado is on the workbench. I guess she could be finished today, but i am not sure... got some more ideas in my head, a freehand of a dragon on the back and still a lot of places need attention until she will be declared finished:

Unfortantly i did not invest a lot of time in the preparation of the model before the painting started, because i have used her on my workshop in Göppingen for showing some painting techniques. Now i am a bit angry with me because there are some dirty places on the sculpt, but as she really is a tiny sculpt those things are not really in sight, when holding the miniature in hand.

I feel a bit bad about showing and showing my WIPs here without telling you - the readers - what i have done. I am planning some Articles on this blog soon, so please be patience - i really like to tell you how i do different things that i do for those who are intrested.

Read you soon with some finished miniatures...



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