Tutorial: How to dust proof your Detolf cabinet

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Voodoo people,

this week's Tuesday Tutorial Voting brought a clear winner:
Mostly everyone wants to dust-proof his cabinet.

Many painters own at least one - the affordable Detolf cabinet by Ikea.
For the price of it, it is hard to beat. But it has one big flaw, it is not dust proof.
While the back of the cabinet is completely closed, the door has huge gaps on the sides.

This will lead to dusty miniatures over time, something that no one likes.

In this tutorial we will show you one way to make your Detolf dust proof.
Raffa now takes over! We hope you enjoy!

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What you need for one cabinet:

- 3,5 m (~11,5 feet) of 7mm self-adhesive brush seal
- 35cm (~1,15 feet) of 4mm self-adhesive brush seal

- 4 m (~13,1 feet) of 7mm self-adhesive brush seal
- Cutter or scissors
- Pencil
- 30 minutes of time

Before we start, did you check out "Pimp my Detolf" and Peters "How not to assemble a Detolf" (always check for the direction of the metal parts on the side!) ?

Ok? Then let's start!
This is the self-adhesive brush seal you will need, you can get those from ebay or home depot stores.
they come in different sizes, for a perfect seal I will use two different heights, 7mm and 4mm.
They come in different colors, grey is pretty neutral.

We started applying the seal to the upper corner of the side and worked the way down to the bottom.

Go slowly and don't remove the back of the self adhesive on a too big area.
Put the seal right on the corner of the side glass wall.

 Almost there...

Now, cut the end of the first piece right in the corner where the glass meets the bottom using either a scissor or a cutter ( PLEASE TAKE CARE AND DON'T CUT YOURSELF! ).

Close the door and mark the edge of the door with a pencil.

It needs to be barely visible.

Also mark the edges of the metal parts on the left and right side, then apply the 4mm seal to the bottom, between the metal parts and along the line we just draw.
If you only want to use one kind of brush seal, you could also use 7mm seal slightly behind the door to seal it from the inside.
The top part of the door is almost the same, except that there is a bigger gap.
You can use two different heights there, 4mm for the metal parts and 7mm for the glass part.

Just like this.

Or like this.

Gives a perfect seal.

Now, to apply the brush seal to the other side of the door, where the hinges are located, you have to remove the door. That is easily done by unscrewing the screws on the bottom hinge and then slowly take out the door. It is recommended that you have a friend helping you with this step! 
Then just apply the seal like on the opposite side.
We also recommend making your cabinet empty before working, but keeping some minis inside can help keeping your adrenaline up ;)

 Now with the door back in place, we have a dust proof Detolf, yeah!

Hope you liked this tutorial and it will helping you dust proofing your cabinet! Of course you can transfer this knowledge to your own cabinet, even it is not a "Detolf".



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