Mu79 - Lands of Ruin, Baleans: Mulcibur

by Massive Voodoo

Hello ladies and gentleman, 
today it is time for another review on cool hobby products out there.
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This time Peter of MV takes a closer look at some miniatures from an innovative game:

Lands of Ruin are some nice guys from Munich, Germany, which are working hard to develop a new way in tabletop-gaming: combining the well-known tabletop mechanisms with mobile technologies via apps. A pretty cool idea and as they focus on realism in the game, it´s a hard task to take care of everything without driving the gamer crazy. But as it seems, they are ready to take off. There is a Kickstarter running and today we will have a closer look at some of their miniatures.

First impressions:
After receiving the parcel on Friday, Peter could not wait to open the box. Inside he found two pieces of bubble foil and some papers with a short description of the game. Pretty cool: there were also some background information about the minis he received. Seems like Mulcibur is a pretty badass guy, even for his tribe. Enslaving people and using them as mobile bombs is not the nice way of dealing with the rest of a former society. But as long as it works out... :-P

The four minis were inside the bubble foil. Peter was not happy with this solution. The minis can move lot inside the foil and if there would have been bigger pieces in the box, they could have easily damaged the minor ones. But as it appears, this was just a wip-packaging and there will be a more professional solution as soon as the kickstarter is finished. 

For packing there will be 2/5 available Voodoo points.

Let´s take a closer look at the miniatures:

The main charakter Mulcibur is a pretty badass appearance: with his facemask and his weapons he must be a dreaded enemy.

His minions are no less disturbing. They are described as brainwashed and chemically lobotomized and they really look like it. The C4-explosives underline the idea of a post-apocalyptic world, where the life on a single human is close to worthless. 

 Size comparison with a GW-miniature:

When looking at the sculpts you get an idea of the world in which Lands of Ruin is taking place. A dark and bitter world, where only the strongest or cruelest will survive. The details are nice and compared to other tabletop games the quality is very good.

For the nice sculpts and the good implementation of the post-apocalyptic theme MV hands out 4/5 Voodoo points.

Let´s talk about the casting quality:

As the cast of Mulcibur is the biggest and most detailed one in the team, you can rate the casting quality here at best. There are only minor moldlines and resin parts which can be easily removed. The details are sharp and there are no displacements.

You get the same results when you look at the minios:

There is nothing to criticize. Just a few strokes with a cutter or sanding paper and you can start painting them. The ideal quality for a tabletop game!

For the casting quality MV hands out 4/5 voodoo points.  
Let´s talk about money:
At the moment you can only order the miniatures via the Kickstarter-Campaign. Here, you will get 8 miniatures for 40 GBP (= 50 EUR / 55 USD). It´s a usual price for that amount of miniatures and for this nice quality. But: you can get a lot of free downloads, e.g. the app, the rulebook and even some of the 3d-models-files. Because of this, the price gets a lot better as you usually have to pay a lot of money for the additional stuff when playing other tabletop systems.

For the pricing MV hands out 5/5 voodoo points.

Overall score of Voodoo Points: MASSIVE VOODOO APPROVED!
15/20 Points


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