Imperial Fist Space Marine

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

today it's Roman with a finished miniature again.
He painted up a Space Marine. Yes, right a Space Marine. While Roman did not take any attempt to touch a GW miniature at all after the Games Day 2013 and his ultrasized Tyranid/Space Marine Diorama until today.

It was just about the time to paint one of these again. Roman said it is amazing how familiar you can get with the shapes of a Space Marine, even you did not paint one for ages. For him it was a true fun paintjob and he let his brush and colors lose.

Roman also prepared a step by step for this guy, which you might find in the next tutorial voting.
If you are not aware yet: Massive Voodoo is running the "Year of the Painter 2" and on every Tuesday it is up to you to vote for the article you want to read at the end of the week. If you did not vote this week: here you go!

We hope you like him?

Imperial Fist Space Marine
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Keep on happy painting, Jungle People!
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