Review: MV's Jar's Basing Class III, Augsburg

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle readers,

time for a long overdue review of Roman's recent Basing Class in January, 
in Augsburg, Germany.

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First of all Roman wants to thank his students for their interest in learning more about basing composition and how to master the theme "After the Apocalypse, nature conquers back".

Nineteen students from all over Germany and one special student, named Erik, who is the new member of MV and helped Roman here and there during the class. Thank you, Erik!

For Roman this class was special as we all meet up before. It was like a big family meeting and Roman enjoyed the class from a teachers and friends perspective. Thank you all for taking the chance and learning from Roman.

Thanks to Erik and André for helping this review with their photos.

We did meet up in the MV Headquarter Studios to start the first part of the class, but some days before Roman was preparing all his stuff he needed for the class.

Thanks to the support of Hasslefree Miniatures every student recieved a great character in 28 mm to build his base around and to tell his story.

Roman's material for the basing class ...

Sadly it was a cold January and we all felt this on Friday in the studio, even Roman heated the room the last two days. It just did not turn warm, but everyone arrived prepared. After some introductional presentations to get in the right mood for the class' content everybody had to pick a random character from all these Hasslefrees.

Then everybody wrote a story to his miniature and in a big group chat everyone explained his story setup. It was funny how different imagination can be and the stories were all funny and wonderful, but different from student to student.

After the theoreticly approach to composition on bases everyone's task was drawing their plan, keeping the new learnt things about composition, reading directions and guiding lines in use, even for their sketch.

We even put this knowledge in practical exercise and build some real sized bases.

On the second day we did not meet up in the cold room, we headed for a proper class room and started to work on our concepts. A lot of stuff for the class was prepared by Roman.

Thanks forsupporting and sponsoring the class
At this point Roman wants to say big thanks to the sponsors of the class. These companies who supported the class with material and their help in making ideas real. Without those helpful hands the class would have not been the same:


We started Saturday with more presentation by the teacher and then head over to work the drawn concept to a real base. Starting with a building up a wall.

Everybody's busy

Walls were being build!

Massive Concentration!

Bases were created out of the individual student's concept!

Saturday left us proud of what we achieved during the day.

This day was started with priming, followed by painting up the base to a quick sketch.

Some drank coffee ...

Others were busy ...

During Sunday we also started to introduce all the nature stuff, like grass, moss and turf to let nature conquer back in full force. This is something you can do with aspects of harmony and composition rules and that is what everyone did under the helpful eyes and hands of Roman.

During late Sunday afternoon we had to call the class finished, even the bases were not completly painted to finish, but you can be sure that Roman was left behind as a very proud teacher by these results - click to enlarge:

Roman was really happy to see some of his students taking their time to finish up their projects rather close after the class. So cool:

by Thorsten aka Android (click to enlarge)

by Gerrit aka Kadarian (click to enlarge)

Erik's Work in Progress

by Günni (click to enlarge)

 by Andy

Those are just oo cool and Roman hopes to see many more finished from the class. Take your time, no hurry.

You can also check David's report on his Basing-Workshop-Experience (german): Link!
Or if you like André's report on Link!

Thank you all for a splendid weekend. You have been great students and your results speak for themselves.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: If you want to learn from Roman too, 
check MV's Workshop Roadmap!


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