MV Workshop News & Jar's Advanced Class in Augsburg

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

updates and news around the magnificant MV Workshops.

The Workshop Roadmap 
is up to date again and has recieved an update on a more uniform look.

The Workshop Reviews
are up to date again and also recieved a fresh look! Just click the banner to get directed where you want to get directed. Simple as that!

A new class date is up. 
Roman is holding his first Advanced Class with main focus on "learn to paint athmosphere" in
Augsburg, Germany: 29th April - 01st May 2016
german language class

two classes during this February in Graz had to be cancelled due the small number of participants. Many had been on vacation and somehow it was just not the right time for Graz, Austria.

Good News 
shall follow bad news and here it is: Roman and Raffa are relaunching their BÄM² Training Class this summer! More news soon!

Class in Copenhagen
seems to go well from the news we revieve and many participants are already lined up. If you are intererested in MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Denmark check this link above!

Keep on happy painting!


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