Massive Voodoo is back at the NOVA OPEN 2016!

by Massive Voodoo

 Good news ahead,

last year in Washington D.C. Raffa and Roman said: "We'll be back!" in a very german accent and such mails like to the right we're recieved by the NOVA OPEN staff, shortly after the great weekend that was the NOVA OPEN 2015!

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Now it is official: MV Members Roman and Raffa will return to the capital of the United States,
to the Northern Virgina Area to be part of the eastcoast's largest wargaming convention.

Roman and Raffa will again team up with Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon in judging the 
Capital Palette Miniature Painting Contest and additional they have made plans to give all who are interested enough time to recieve feedback on their entries.

Beside great gaming events the NOVA OPEN again hosts many hobby seminars with well known teachers. This year even Jessica Rich is on the teachers row and that will be just super-awesome.
If you can, take part in some of these to push your knowledge on miniature painting further!

Raffa in one of his seminars:

Be sure to find more updates on this soon and most important:


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