Autumn up to ebay...

by Roman aka jar

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The little scene of autumn is now up for ebay - you can find the auction placed here!

Happy Bidding!

Good old times - DUZI Vignette

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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I started to paint the Hasslefree  demon just for fun. After I have started, I decided to paint it as good as possible. I wanted to look him, not like all the other demons from hasslefree, that is why I used these turquis/blue colours and gave him an old/gold blade. I got some nice train in freehands here, on his shorts, on the sixpack and I am very proud of the wood. I painted very long that night, I was so tired at work on the next day :D But I think the result was it worth :P

It was an idea of my father to let him stand on the dirorama with the joker from Automaton. I am not sure if the whole diorama shows all thoughts of me. But I think, everyone with a little bit of creativity can think something to it, at least if it is, *Damn, what does this little demon on the top of the gallow!!* :P

I am going to add some more pictures and a little report in 2 weeks after the DUZI, until that I will fight with my camera, because sometimes, she don't do what I want her to do... it's crazy :D

And always when I want to make photos of something big, I just have a little sharp point, and the rest is blear :/

Always paint for fun, thats the best way in getting better and especially with being happy with the results, I forget this from time to time :D

I will add some more things to the base, but the main part is done now :) I am so happy that this stupid balsa wood is painted now, such big surfaces aren't my appointment :D

sorry for the small picture..  Better pictures and some words to the story will follow.

Detail shots of my Hasslefree Demon, but he is a very small guy, ca.14 mm high;

Let me know what you think :)

Best regards Oli

WIP basing session...

by Roman aka jar

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Some Bases, all of them WIP... nothing special i guess, for sure not the gaming bases, the big one on the left is going to be the base for Dschingis Cow and i found something great - Mantis Miniatures, great animals - check them out here!

The two Apes and the small saurian on the left big base with all the Hirst Art gypsum parts are out of one of these sets... really cute animals... Tau got a different socket this time - he will stay on top of it i guess...

Found a strange photo of Raffa and me over on WaaaghofTroll made by my friend Fabrizio - oh dear, no idea what we had in mind on matis class... i guess only painting and sleeping, haha...

Keep traveling through colours!
Happy Painting!

Naggash finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Last weekend on mati's sculpting class (german review, but tons of photos) i was able to finish off good ol'Naggash as a gift for one of the particpants... nothing special but my Nemesis is beaten. As i left him at Göppingen there is only this photo, bad photo i know...

Hope you like him... i don't like him, haha...

Keep on happy painting!

Painting Jam 10 - Mixed FAQ

by Roman aka jar

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Another round of Painting Jam... trying my best beside being busy and busy - here we go!


Noah asks
via email:

"Hey Roman,
I recently started a Necron army of my very own. When I bought these guys I was so sure that I was going to do something in a ceramic style. Then I saw your photo over at miniwargaming.

I just can't get over how good this guy looks. I'd love to base my army on your paint scheme here. I was hoping you might remember what it is that you were using to get those results. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I found your website after being linked to that photo in an image search. Keep up the great work!

All the best,

My answer:

Thanks, glad you like this guy, as far as i can remember i did start this guy on a basic of Oily Steel by Vallejo with a small brush tip of Scorpion green  in it with some highlights in Mithril Silver. Then i glazed him with some red, damn, Teracotta? Dark Flesh? Pigments? I just can't remember... some rusty pigments will for sure do the job... The gun thing was primed to and the light source has been painted on it with going from a white basic to glazes of Scorprion Green, maybe a bit yellow in it... nah, i can't remember much more - the weathering was made with a Blister Foam piece (dark Spots on the metal parts)... hope it helps!


Carsten asks via mail:

"How can I get realistic and plasic looking white or black surface? Espacially for clothes."

My answer:
Now that isn't really a simply question, haha. To understand these two colours there can't be the perfect recipe so i'll try to explain it my way. Go outside, catch some references for your eye, look at some photos or other reference material you can find. Taking a look on white and black surfaces. Are they always pure white or black? Is there another colour in it that changes this white/black appereance dramaticly, for example cold and warm colours... Now when it comes to painting my idea behind painting whites/blacks is never ever use them without mixing them with another colour to change their appereance, i did not find pure blacks and whites outside in this world, there was always another colour involved, in the basic tone or it came from a light source... if you keep that in mind your blacks/whites will soon look better. Simply mix in a drop of a colour to it to make it more real. Take this as your basic colour - some greyish black/white with a nuance of the colour you've chosen. Now work your way down to the shadows by adding your shadow colour (not too deep shadows when doing whites) and work your way to the light areas of this colour tone by bringing the model into zenithal lightning (not too far when doing blacks as it fast changes to a grey)... hope my thoughts could help you...


Ivan asks via mail:

"...a vampire counts armybook i was very inspired by artwork on the cover
So, the picture depicts a powerful vampire clad in gleaming red(blood red!) armour and surrounded by a sea of undead minions. I think it's awesome)
Actually now I want to create on my shelf a small army led by a vampire in a shining crimson armor. So, this is my question - how to create this effect on armor. Use paint and varnish or red metallic? something else? I am sure you may have some ideas on this. Very interesting to hear your thoughts about this."

My answer:
I would paint him in bright bronze/gold metals with maximum lights and shadows in TMM and then glaze him several times with soft Tamia-Clear Red X-27+ a tiny dip of black glazes. Hope this thought can help you :)


David asks via mail:
"I've been a follower on Massive Voodoo since I started painting a year ago, and I was wondering how you felt about the Andrea Flesh set. I'm looking into trying out this set. How do they compare as far as the other brands as far as pigment and thin-ness"

My answer:
I like them (6 Bottles), but i guess i don't work with them the way it is described on in the manual. I completly use them as tones for itself, mixing in other colours and so on. I have never used them in the order which is proposed by the Andrea manual, so at this point my own information power is useless i guess. I do like working with them as their bright tones (4) have a lot of power to bring another colour into its brighter tone. I don't often use the dark tones (2). I often use them as a basic skin colour where i mix in other colours from different brands. What i have recognized is that when you'll try to work with really soft and highly water thinned glazes of the bright tones it is not easy to handle the pigments. Had my problems there. Working on a normal water thinned basis is pretty cool with those colours. I don't know what you like most at a colour when you work with it. My proposal to you would be - grap it and try it, only there is experience, my words are just candles in the wind :)


So far from today's Painting Jam... stay focused :)
Keep on happy painting!

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Finished Miniatures...

by Roman aka jar

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Quiet days in the jungle - i am really busy planning everything for the next painting class which starts in 2 weeks. Busy, busy, busy... some finished miniatures meanwhile:

This one is a bust mati has sculpted a while ago, he did this small sculpt for fun in some hours as i did the paintjob of it - pure joy and for sure a story behind it:

It was a dark and rainy day when Druid master sent Viglur into the woods to collect some mushrooms. As the young druid was crossing the deep forest in search of those mushrooms he found one big evil looking mushroom talking to him. He got lulled by the words of the mushroom and slowly reached out for it to follow its command - eat it! The next day they found Viglur, the young druid dead in the woods and one joking squirrel was blaimed for murder as it was hiding behind the evil mushroom and was responsable for the magic that killed Viglur... this bust shows Viglur in his last moments, while realizing what he did wrong and also the first effects of the mushroom...
The beard was made with Blister Foam and super glue in a moment of mad muse kissing :)

Next it's a really big star in Games Workshop's Blood Bowl Business - Griff Oberwald, Human Star Player ready to fumble in 28 mm:

Also Comissar Yarrick got finished... somehow really strange colours or too much non-colours... whatever, no idea what i am trying to tell you... strange colours... in 28 mm:

So far... busy, busy, busy... besides planning there are some Götterdämmerungs-Miniatures screaming for some colours:

Busy, busy, busy... keep on happy painting!


by Raffa

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Slowly...... it's finally coming to an end...
One or two nights with base finish and finding and fixing some errors and i'll be done :)

phew... what a project...;)


Cancer bust up to ebay...

by Roman aka jar

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After cleaning up my cabinet i thought why not make a photo of it until it is this full at the moment - tomorrow it starts to empty... no soul left inside me, everything is a piece to make another person happy... click to enlarge. Some stuff again finished at the last weekend, like "Griff Oberwald" or "Yarrick" or "a Druid who is sick of eating bad mushrooms :) - done with lightning by the camera but a somehow strange yellow light from

Also Yedharo's Cancer bust painted by me is now up for electronic bidding...

Keep on happy painting!

Weekend aftermath...

by Roman aka jar

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Raffa and I we had been guests on mati's sculpting class this weekend in Göppingen. While everyone was sculpting during the class Raffa and I we came and paint all time long... these are the results. Those funny small busts and things you can see here have been made by mati a while ago here in the jungle and we are happy to get some casts... we are planning to have some more in stock for our jungle readers, but good plans need time... i guess there will be much more in the next days about this weekend ... here is only one photo, click to enlarge:

Read you soon!
Keep on happy painting!

Lovechild Alice

by Der_Ben

Posted by Mandril aka Ben Komets:

hey folks,
long time no hear or see..
her is my newest work..i hope you like it
its a jointventure between me and a Ernst Veingart ,a mainly historical sculptor from riga in latvia,
we met at the world expo 2008 in girona..
and as we liked each others work... we decided to do a team project..
i had a idea for a biiig project...for next world expo
but first we decided to make a small project for the start ... to see if we could work together.
our small idea turned out to become a real big thing..
starting with one of my favorite topics of all time.. Alice in the wonderland..with a picture by Arthur Rackham
and it turned out to be one of the most challenging pieces off what i have painted so far.
we thought long time how to transform this drawing in to a 3d sculptur..

i dont want to sound to theatrical but.. i must really thank Ernst for having such a deep trust in me sending me his lovechild alice ... after knowing me just a couple of days. and trusting me that i will du my best to paint her up. And his lovely wife Inara for backing him of for the nearly three month he worked full time on that sculpt.
And i whant to thank my girl kristin ....because she beared my bitchyness whenn i was going crazy because of paintnig to many cards..

and thanks to Marlene Fulde for those Fotos....

here is a Link to coolmini...

and as i´m to lazy i will copy and paste the text....


here is a link to see the green but i´m sure ernst will put up pics here very soon as well:

Mati's Sculpting class...

by Roman aka jar

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Yeppa, this weekend mati is giving a class in Sculpting about one and a half hour away from Raffa and my hometown, Augsburg - so we are driving to Göppingen later on today to have a wonderful weekend and meet friends again... so the jungle will be very quiet the next days... i will write very much either, i am still so shocked that Robert did manage to finish something - still can't believe it, additional to finishing it it looks brilliant... wow!
Yeppa, out of town over the weekend... relaxing, painting, sculpting talking, eating, sleeping...

When i will be back i have a small sculpting article in mind on how to sculpt little Purity Seals the easy way - even it is just on Griff Oberwald, Blood Bowl Starplayer and this wonderful topic has been seen before a hundred times...

Keep on happy painting and read you soon!

PS: There is one auction (Raging Ivan) ending this weekend - i am not sure if i can make it at the highest bidder due the weekend, but i'll be back at you on  Monday for sure, sorry.

PPS: Mario your parcel also leaves me on Monday :)

Shadowblade Reyviande finished

by Robert aka muhani

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Unbelievable! After a long time no see, I’ve finished a miniature.
While other projects are having a break, I grabed my miniature box and picked out „Shadowblade Reyviande“, a lovely miniature sculpted by Tre from RedBoxGames. NICE!

Turning the miniature between my fingers, I had the idea of letting him creep out of a dark narrow street and the vision of painting a quick miniature for in between was gone. I needed something that was looking like a dark narrow street – I had none – so I started some scratchbuilding-fun.
At first a sketch of the ground and positioning of the walls. I wanted the walls to take as less place as possible, as I still wanted Mr. Reyviande to be seen.

I took a wooden base to glue on the four sides of the … base. Superglue.

The following pictures do not need much explanation. Just more plastic-card for the first wall. A window.

Sheets of plastic-card, that I fixed on the edges of the base, were used, while filling the empty areas of the wall with milliput in order to get a plain finish.

The first wall with a window, some wood and cornerstones. Later on I added some scratches and edges to the cornerstones of the house using a drill bit .. to get a more “natural” look. Would I’ve been asked, whether it was a good decision using plastic-card and milliput, I had to say no. Reading Raffas article about making a desert base gives you a better idea about achieving this kind of .. structure … using gypsum. I had no gypsum in the house – and I had to do it “now”. ;-) Impatience is visible.
No window for the other side. But a little hook for a clothesline.

For the cobble stone pavement I used the texture of a piece of ray leather. I smeared some casting-paste onto the leather, let it dry and got a stamp of ray-skin, which perfectly fits for cobble stone floors in this scale. :-)

Roof. Yeah, sometimes I start things without thinking at first. That’s why there was no roof at this stage. I simply didn’t think about it – or thought that it wouldn’t be necessary. But as our great gorilla buddy always says: “nothing happens without a reason”. The left wall was now hollow inside, there was no roof yet, so why not drilling a hole into the wooden base and installing a LED inside for creating the illusion, that the upper room was enlightened by a candle or something … well no thinking, just doing.

Then I attached the roof, made some shingles, a sign, and other little details and started painting! … painting, painting, painting … and now finished.

Well, this should have been something quick for in between. But it seems, I’m not able to finish something quick, or don’t want to put it away until it nearly looks like I wanted it to look like … or maybe just fell in love with this little mini. I don’t know :-P


High Elf in Jedi costume up to ebay...

by Roman aka jar

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The latest painted High Elf in Jedi costume is now up to ebay with an ultrafair starting price of 0.99 $ - make it yours and make him find a good new place to be and may the Force of Happy Bidding be with you!

Uhmyeah... Happy Bidding!