Jungle Surprise gift, further packing...

by Roman aka jar

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Today a cool additon was given into the box. The Maxican did sent an Confrontation Behemot Orc and some MiniNatur stuff. Muchas Gracias! Beside these and some punched sheets and some ductwork and some girders and some wood to create roofing shingles there is also a special Butcher Roman by Masquerade Miniatures in the box. I had to remove the candy stuff as Raffa reminded me that we once it was the reason for some problems with local customs in other countries, sorry. I am still waiting for some more stuff, but soon packing is over...

Meanwhile you can check the big gallery again or
my first round of picks, decided from the heart.

Thank you so much for bringing such a workspace gallery together in here... and to those who are not in the next round with theirs, hey, that won't be the last time you can win something in here, you can believe that :)

Keep on happy painting!


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