Happy Birthday!!

by Roman aka jar

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Ok today is the day, but what is even more important is that Mr. Ben Komets had birthday yesterday - Happy Birthday to you my friend - he went 30 ages and i am really intrested if he did change because of this number... this is the big question i am asking myself all the time... damn, i got to see my loved Apes again... it always takes too long to meet eachother... Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mr. Komets, happy birthday to yooooooouuuuuuu!

And Happy Birthday to MASSIVE VOODOO - today... yeah, bouncing and dancing strippers in banana costumes, coconut rain from the skies and massive bongo beats pumping through your soul... Happy Birthday to the MASSIVE VOODOO CREW and the jungle they inhabit... Only one year and the jungle became really massive - no idea what happens next, haha - Coconut rain?

Thanks to everyone who already gave gratulations via email... feel invited to tell your thoughts here again via comment... if you don't know what to write because you are speechless, here are some examples that might inspire you:

- What was your favourite post on Massive Voodoo so far?
- Where did you find the most horrible english written?
- Which of the Apes do you like most?
- Which of the Apes you want to wear sunglasses from now on?
- In which posting on this blog did you find a new favourite song?
- Which miniature do you like most, posted in here?
- What means Miniature Painting to you?
- What is the worst article in the article section?
- Would you call yourself someone who never posts comments or either someone who is totally in it?
- Do you still use more time painting then reading in the jungle?
- Do you enjoy the good life with a happy heart?
- Is there a big banana photo hidden in 2010 January's last posting?
- I am just kidding... or maybe not :)

After i am really busy this weekend and the next days i can't exactly tell you already how everything will work out in here, about the Birthday Surprise Box (you can still take part until todays midnight), showing all the great workbenches later on, telling you the winner, doing this and that... but what i can tell is that i am still packing the Surprise Box and won't be finished until Wednesday i guess, because i got to wait til some parcels arrive to fill it even more... thanks to everyone for this great support, especially Sockelmacher.de, Jester-Miniatures, Ammon Miniatures and your Voodoo Crew. So it will take a moment or two and i would propose i just keep you informed about everything step by step... no need for coconut rain inside all our brains...

Happy Birthday, Painting Jungle of too much colour! Thanks for your warm time you give me to make easy, relaxed happy painting time all day long! And Music!!

So far,
Best Regards
Roman and the Ape-Crew

PS: Yesterday i have failed to make good photos of a planned tutorial which i already announced and failed to finsih it. Oh dear, i love such days... there has to be another project for explaining exactly these thoughts... sorry :)


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