Soon the Birthday present is fully packed...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Alao. Soon it is packed to finished. Oh dear i am so full with photos of your workspaces and i am really happy about it. Soon more - thanks to everyone who did take part so far - how you can win the Jungle Surprise box you can read here!

A big thanks goes out to Ammon Miniatures for supporting us by sending us some of their nice models in our task of filling the box.

Those sculpts are really funny and full of character cast in high quality resin, even it is a small business at the moment i only can recommand those sculpts to you and i hope i'll find some time to paint some up in the future. The Surprise box now includes a Barbarian, a Mac-Nun and a Baby Demon of Ammon Miniatures. Big thanks to you for your support, Valentin.

More to come soon... and you now can find Ammon-Miniatures linked up to our Hobby friends corner on the right :)


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