Painting Jam 09 - Mixed FAQ

by Roman aka jar

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Ayyyeeee... Painting Jam time once again :)


Skyman asks via PM:

I have a question for a varnish; which one do you use? I'm painting the Sanguinary Guards at this moment, your one is an inspiration for me and I would try to get such good final results as your ones.



My answer:
I don't varnish my models at all as i don't use them for gaming, i guess that is the difference. When i use matte or satin or gloss varnish i do it only at places i want to have such a look of the material difference to other areas... I know stupid answer, sorry, but i don't find more to say. Maybe some of the gamers reading here could help out? I have no idea how to seal models anymore and what to use to do so - HELP?


Paolo asks via email:

"Hi Jarhead,

So, I'm in a big trouble with my next entry for IT GD (Dark Angels ancient dreddy) because I have no idea how I can paint the mole of details, I tried gold NMM but it's too.... "yellow" and dont' helps to create "atmosphere" (you're a Master in that way). Some friends suggest true metal with large rust weathering..

That's the link for the realtet thread on Legiopictorum. If you have time I really appreciate every little suggestion."
My answer:
Omky... i guess i could help you must with a brainstorm. Nothing special, just following the link and making a 10 Minutes Massive Brainstorm on things i might feel... only suggestions, not meant to be right, let's go:

Ok, i went to page 7 to the last photo...
I won't bring a yellow NMM to it either... some bronze tone would look good i guess. Tin Bitz, Brazzen Brass, some final highlights finished with some soft Model Colour Sepia glazes and maybe some soft greenish/tourquise oxidation... TMM or NMM, both could look cool... keep it dark not to shiny because of all the blue extravaganz areas could lose attraction for the viewer if there is too much blink blink around in the metals...

Something like this, but a bit more bronzish!

I hope my idea could somehow help, but i am not sure... i am only a big Gorilla telling you his mind :)


Short and precious Painting Jam, there will be better times again :)
Keep on happy painting!

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