Lucky final photos...

by Roman aka jar

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Dark Age's 54mm Lucky thinks "oOps!" - what happened here with all these colours?

Sadly i did not manage to make better photos after i destroyed another lamp at my workbench, arrghhh! - even i have tried it several times, but you can check the cabinet view to get a better imagination of he, shot done with lightning, whatever, this was a real joyful colour journey through sweet Candyland based on a grey basic colour all around...

I might ask Raffa for his help in making better photos for the ChCh :)
Thanks to franciuus for these news around the ChCh: 

"...I'm Franciuus from Legio Pictorum, we posticipate the deadline of the Chick Challenge, tomorrow will be the official announcement.
in this way we permit to all that not finish the piece to do this ;)

the new deadline will be the 5 of December"
So there is a lot of time for everyone to finish a lady, isn't it? Get to your brushes and make those ladies on your workbench justice... Mille Gracie @franciuus :)

Hope you like her!
Keep on happy painting!


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