Good old times - DUZI Vignette

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

I started to paint the Hasslefree  demon just for fun. After I have started, I decided to paint it as good as possible. I wanted to look him, not like all the other demons from hasslefree, that is why I used these turquis/blue colours and gave him an old/gold blade. I got some nice train in freehands here, on his shorts, on the sixpack and I am very proud of the wood. I painted very long that night, I was so tired at work on the next day :D But I think the result was it worth :P

It was an idea of my father to let him stand on the dirorama with the joker from Automaton. I am not sure if the whole diorama shows all thoughts of me. But I think, everyone with a little bit of creativity can think something to it, at least if it is, *Damn, what does this little demon on the top of the gallow!!* :P

I am going to add some more pictures and a little report in 2 weeks after the DUZI, until that I will fight with my camera, because sometimes, she don't do what I want her to do... it's crazy :D

And always when I want to make photos of something big, I just have a little sharp point, and the rest is blear :/

Always paint for fun, thats the best way in getting better and especially with being happy with the results, I forget this from time to time :D

I will add some more things to the base, but the main part is done now :) I am so happy that this stupid balsa wood is painted now, such big surfaces aren't my appointment :D

sorry for the small picture..  Better pictures and some words to the story will follow.

Detail shots of my Hasslefree Demon, but he is a very small guy, ca.14 mm high;

Let me know what you think :)

Best regards Oli


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