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by Roman aka jar

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Thanks for all your particpiation emails about the Jungle Birthday present and those nice words about Massive Voodoo included so far. I am really blown away by the intensity so many workbenches of Happy Painting have - i will post them all in here soon...

We really know why you guys should sometimes get a gift from your Apes... thanks for your motivation all the time. I won't be able to answer them all, after i will be really busy the next weeks, because there will be a sculpting class by mati that i'll visit and soon another painting class by me, so Emails will be answered slowly and mostly i can only do the most important ones... sorry for that, i have too many emails these days. So i take a breath and work my way through... for those who made me speechles with their mails: there won't be an answer... thanks again, what i mean with speechless you can see her in this example :)

"Happy Birthday Jungle! It's amazing to see that a year has passed since Massive Voodoo started, I have been reviewing some older posts lately and the only thing I can see is that the beginnings were amazing, but today... everyday more amazing art pops up in the Jungle, you guys are doig a great job keeping us inspired and in awe every day. For that I thank you! Thanks to your blog I have discovered the joy of happy painting, and I have just started to "paint from my heart" instead of thinking where everything should be and spending hours looking at new minis afraid of start painting and being dissapointed afterwards.
We can say you kinda saved the hobby for me ^^ and I will be always grateful for that."
Not much words left for me - thanks a bunch!

I've managed to make a photo of the actual progress of the Birthday parcel, which you can win at September 18th. There are some sockets by Sockelmacher.de again, Pigments and 2 Miniatures by Jester Miniatures, a socket by plinth country, 1:35 brick stones and much more - still PIP, Packing in Progress...

Keep on happy painting!


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