Finished Miniatures...

by Roman aka jar

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Quiet days in the jungle - i am really busy planning everything for the next painting class which starts in 2 weeks. Busy, busy, busy... some finished miniatures meanwhile:

This one is a bust mati has sculpted a while ago, he did this small sculpt for fun in some hours as i did the paintjob of it - pure joy and for sure a story behind it:

It was a dark and rainy day when Druid master sent Viglur into the woods to collect some mushrooms. As the young druid was crossing the deep forest in search of those mushrooms he found one big evil looking mushroom talking to him. He got lulled by the words of the mushroom and slowly reached out for it to follow its command - eat it! The next day they found Viglur, the young druid dead in the woods and one joking squirrel was blaimed for murder as it was hiding behind the evil mushroom and was responsable for the magic that killed Viglur... this bust shows Viglur in his last moments, while realizing what he did wrong and also the first effects of the mushroom...
The beard was made with Blister Foam and super glue in a moment of mad muse kissing :)

Next it's a really big star in Games Workshop's Blood Bowl Business - Griff Oberwald, Human Star Player ready to fumble in 28 mm:

Also Comissar Yarrick got finished... somehow really strange colours or too much non-colours... whatever, no idea what i am trying to tell you... strange colours... in 28 mm:

So far... busy, busy, busy... besides planning there are some Götterdämmerungs-Miniatures screaming for some colours:

Busy, busy, busy... keep on happy painting!


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