Tutorial - Gold Recipe I

by Roman aka jar

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Today i catched myself in a moment of clear sight while swinging around the brush. If you want to paint a fast and good looking gold for gaming there is a fast way i try to describe now - no idea if you like the result but i do at the moment... so why not give it a try - here you go:

Black Basecoat of the gold parts. Tin Bitz as Basecoat, thinned with a bit of water to make it creamy, now taking right out of the pot shining gold and mix it into it thinking about TMM Reflexation Thoughts over here
and keeping the thoughts of zenithal lightning and light and shadow in the back of your mind while swinging your brushes :)

It makes fast bling, bling, bling and looks pretty cool and won't take much time. I guess with tiny final light spots with a brighter silver/gold  it got to look pretty cool - i keep you informed about it, if you are intrested?

Here you go with a view on the colour recipe explained above - maybe there will be some more colour recipes in the future, when it strikes me - this example was good for an easy start i guess :) - click to enlarge:

Keep on happy painting!

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