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Ok... after the fun we had with your great workspaces which you sent in there is now some dirty work to do for me. I don't feel good about it but i told you i will choose a winner, only one - someone's workbench which hit me most, simply my personal favourite among all these great tables. I did make a small preselection of those which hit me most. 

I don't want anyone to be angry because his might not appear in thi spreselection and it wasn't really easy for me to even make it, but sometimes a man has to go through deep water to reach the shore. So, here is my excusion - sorry for those not listed, i loved them all but only a few did strike me after looking at them for days now. Some have attached more views on their workbenches, detailed views on their projects, but in the end i choose one photo from everyone on my own. There have been great thoughts attached to some of your workbenches, i really enjoyed them a lot - Painting connects people that is for sure, thanks to you all for your wonderful inspiration. I won't be able to add all the nicknames to the gallery, sorry for that - here is again the complete gallery!

So now it comes to the point where my feet get wet while walking to the shore - the non easy part - let me tell you why i choose this preselection of which i will choose a final winner from... let me start with this one.

It simply got me, the photo, the arrangement, the light and shadow, great workspace photo

The next one is a really cool photo collage, i like the depth it has...

This one surely got the biggest chill-factor:

This is so spartanic that it is a joy to look at it - a great place for concentration

 I love this one too - it has deep spirit in it i feel and 
you can easily have a soul shake down party at this place

The Chaos God Award goes to this one

This one got the "best looking Ikeapainting taped at the window award"

The most "Toxic-laboratory-look" Award is won by this one

Love the turtle

This person really can say "I got my own room and it is not in the basement!"

That you can work even on small tables and keep your order check the next
two selections that'll proof this fact

The next one is chosen because of all the drama going on, 
wonderful, great place, great dog:

There goes another one... cool colours at your workplace,
cold/warm, cold colours, warm miniatures - love it:

This one really caught my brain at ease:

Time repeat space random check read remote control, mechwarrior painting palace ready to be activated. Standby mode activated til pressure is back on the seat... lamp pedals waiting for cool down... ddssschhiiieeedd!!

When i was little boy i always wished to have a painting table like this... i wasn't really the pilot or firefighter boy - i just dreamed of such a place

This really got me also, can't describe you why

So here is the little preselection of your workspaces i will choose a winner from. The surprise box is still in packing mode and sooner or later i might completly be sure who will win. Sorry again to all who did not pass this round. Everyone's place was great, but i made this jury work a hard burden to carry all the weight with my own opinion... hope no one is evil... thanks so much again about the oppourtunity of posting this powerful content!

So far - Keep on happy painting!


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