Tarian by Jester Miniatures finished

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

this time i'm showing you my latest finished mini.
It's Tarian, sculpted by the massive monkey Badsmile for Jester Miniatures.

You can check the site, Ridvan who is running Jester Miniatures ( A very nice guy by the way ) is pretty new to the business, but his shop is a great addition for every miniature lover in Germany (because it is a german shop only at the moment). You can also find some other interesting minis in his webshop which is especially interesting if you're a german reader, again this information - (he brings some real rare miniatures to germany with his shop, focusing on small little Companies, for example also Ammon Miniatures - great stuff). You also have to check his cool and cheap pigments - there's also an nice "lottery" running right now, maybe you can win something ;-)

I saw this guy on Romans desk and i liked it, so i took a day off my Games Day Project and gave this little fella some paint.

Normally  i'm not the guy to give myself breaks but this time it was really good, great fun and getting the head free from my nemesis for one night was really good for me...

So enough talk. Here's the picture:

Here's a collage, click for larger picture, i also included a size comparison because i was impressed how small and detailled he is :)

For the base i used one of Cryptlocks gaming bases, some stuff for railway trains, wood and some yarn.
So i hope you like this guy :)



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