Mati's Sculpting class...

by Roman aka jar

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Yeppa, this weekend mati is giving a class in Sculpting about one and a half hour away from Raffa and my hometown, Augsburg - so we are driving to Göppingen later on today to have a wonderful weekend and meet friends again... so the jungle will be very quiet the next days... i will write very much either, i am still so shocked that Robert did manage to finish something - still can't believe it, additional to finishing it it looks brilliant... wow!
Yeppa, out of town over the weekend... relaxing, painting, sculpting talking, eating, sleeping...

When i will be back i have a small sculpting article in mind on how to sculpt little Purity Seals the easy way - even it is just on Griff Oberwald, Blood Bowl Starplayer and this wonderful topic has been seen before a hundred times...

Keep on happy painting and read you soon!

PS: There is one auction (Raging Ivan) ending this weekend - i am not sure if i can make it at the highest bidder due the weekend, but i'll be back at you on  Monday for sure, sorry.

PPS: Mario your parcel also leaves me on Monday :)


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