Review Preview: Private Coaching with Hon

by Massive Voodoo

Update: For Sale!

by Massive Voodoo

Hi everyone,

Massive Voodoo just updated the "Miniatures for Sale" Area, where you can find handpainted,
converted and lovely based Miniatures and professional painted busts
by the MASSIVE VOODOO-Team which are on Sale.

Updates to the for Sale area:

Sha'un - Ramtribe Warrior, Forged Monkey, painted by Roman 'jarhead' Lappat

Jessica, Darkworld Creations, 54 mm in height, painted by Roman 'jarhead' Lappat

Maybe you are in need of a Christmas gift for a good friend or yourself?

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Tutorial Voting: Funky Barbarian Frogs at SMC!

by Massive Voodoo

Ayo Jungle Painters,

Massive Voodoo's year of the painter brings you MV's famous Tutorial Voting again.
Again you decided via comment which article will be up early next week. Four choices.
One jungle painter, one comment, one voice, one vote.
These are your options:

This article goes back to the explanation on how Roman painted the Toadking in his project called
"Frogs X-ing". It is a deep look into the paintjob itself, no basing or other talk included.

For this article vote "Quak!" in your comment!


See Roman tackling his second conversion of Forged Monkey's Jamal bust, called "Funkmaster J".
A little bit of sculpting, chains and glitter in the end. Funky, eh?

For this article vote "Funk" in the comments!

This article is about a step by step walkthrough on a female barbarian from the range of Ilyad Games. It gives insight in Roman's thoughts on the base and the paintjob.

For this article vote "Barbarian" in your comment!

In this article you will see a project log of Roman's take on a 1:35 Military Model from Alpine Miniatures. See how it grew to become a special gift to the organisator of the recently held Scale Model Challenge.

For this article vote "Alpine" in your comment!

Happy Voting!

Mu 62 - Rocking Horses, Kellerkind Miniatures

by Massive Voodoo


Aloa Jungle,

today Massive Voodoo is proud to present to you another Miniatures Unpacked. 
A close and honest look on useful hobby- and miniature material.

Today we will have a look on something special once again. Something that just sees day of its official sale this week: Rocking Horses by Kellerkind Miniatures in 28 mm and 1:35.

The idea was born early this year when Roman was wandering an old barn of a friend to take some photos. He found an old Rocking Horse in all that rubble:

As during these days Roman was planning his basing classes for summer he thought it might be not a bad idea to have such at the class and as an option for his students. You can find a review of the Basing Class 1 and Basing Class 2 behind the links. While at the Duke of Bavaria this year he stepped up to Martin from Kellerkind Miniatures and proposed a collaberation on this subject.

This is how the story goes and with Roman and Martin developing the product together with drawings and many mails the prototypes were ready for the basing classes. They were used often and many students liked the idea of rocking horses. Good Feedback.

These were the prototypes we used and handed out on the Basing Classes.
One rocking horse in Scale 1:35 and two in 28 mm.

They are lasercut in 1mm MDF and are easy to use, but after removing all the parts, they have to be handled carefully as they are tiny, at least the ones for 28 mm figures.

We can only recommend using a toothpick on applying your superglue or PVC glue in small dots on these. You can quickly mess them up with too much glue. Easy. When you are done you have a rocking horse that - in prototype stage - just missed a bar the kids could hold on to. In Prototype stage.

Now prototype stage is over and Martin is done with finalising the product. The final sprues grew up to five different horses now, great job from Kellerkind Miniatures. Have a look this is how the final sprues arrive if you order yours, left 28 mm scale and right 1:35 scale:

Well, now that is a rocking horse flock, eh? Cool thing is you have a polysterol rod now for adding the handle for the kids and MOST IMPORTANT you even have a small plan inside on how to bring those many parts together:

Let's have a look on the different rocking horse options available, three differnt main options available for the body. You then can choose different looks by choosing your favourite animal. No polysterol bars used on these examples.


28 mm, one option is missing on the photo, gna!

As smaller as they get, the harder it gets to avoid superglue mistakes. Our tip: Take your time to glue them. Be patient.

Examples to see the rocking horses in action, first example is from the basing classes:

Second one is from one of Roman's last projects.
While in Vienna on a short trip he took a photo of something inspirational again:

... and thought to himself, why not. Using a spring from a dead lighter it became a playground rocking horse, in 28 mm:

Well, rocking horses? Isn't that something everybody did miss so far? 
We hope to see many more of those used in cool basing projects.

Thank you Martin for the great collaberation in bringing this idea to flesh.

If you want to get your own rocking horses now - as we told you they are fresh in the store this week, check this link:

Order your Rocking Horses by Kellerkind Miniatures today!

Happy rocking horse day to you!

Forged Hope Aftermath

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Robot Forgers,

today we shipped the last parcel of Forged Hope Prizes. The one to Matt Di Pietro. He had to wait a little longer due we had to exchange his prize model with our friend, Igazzu of the Cursed Monkeys at Scale Model Challenge.

Now let's do a little aftermath review on the finds we did surrounding this contest, shall we?

- You all might have seen the guest author article on MV by Matt Di Pietro himself talking about the progress on Arthur: Link!

- The Pumpkin Painters from Austria have a new blog and did start with a big step by step on the O2 Operation Unit by Oliver aka Colouristo: Link!

- Klaus wrote up a beautiful step by step of his project "Forged Hope" via (T)raumschmiede: Link!

- Serafin from Happy Painting - Der Hobbyblog shows some excellent articles about her "Farmbot". First one is about details on that base and second one is about how to create salad!

Very cool!

Step by Step: Jessica, the Zombiegirl

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Voodoo Jungle Painters,
ladies and gentleman, welcome to another article brought to you by Massive Voodoo's year of the painter. Today we put a finger on article #46 since this initiative started and MV is proud to present to you the winner of last weeks tutorial voting: Jessica, the Zombie Girl.

Beautiful Jessica, was painted by Roman in the middle of September.
The company who produces this bust is Darkworld Creations.

Okeylidokely, let's hear what Roman got to say ... we hope you enjoy!


Halloween approaches and you voted just the right article in place for this week: A Zombie girl.

As you know I do like painting Zombies. Gaming Models by Zombicide or fancy conversions of female busts with real mice bones.

Encore it is time for another one, called Jessica and now let's see how I painted her, shall we?

1. Preparation of the model was pretty easy. She arrives in two parts: Full upper body and a piece of hair for her ponytail. (That I thought lost for the main time I worked on that model.)
A little cuts with the blades and some sandpaper work and that resin lady is ready to go under the brush. Want to know more? - Article about how to prepare resin models.

2. Priming the Model with black GW Primer only. Followed by colour, purple from Scale75 Inktensity, thinned with water to not have it that strong on top of it. On top of her means mainly from above, not in the shadows, that is very important. The black primer should still be visible in the shadows. Sadly I do not have a photo of this step.

3. Now I wanted to test something new. Airbrush colours from Mr. Paint. At Massive Voodoo we heard miracles being said about these fine colours for the airbrush gun. So we decided to give it a try with white before digging deeper in these colours. *(Please find more information on these colours below the article.)

Well, I liked the result. Indeed the white comes out of the airbrush like I never seen before. It is ultrafine and you have super-control of your intensity, if you clean your airbrush regularly.

What I found very interesting to watch was in close look on the model it still was visible to be a 3d printed sculpt. I did enjoy the effect on the fabric as I knew it could be put to great use, but did not enjoy the look on the skin thus far, but we are still at the basic work.

Gna, that photo is way to overpowered with the whiteys.

Do you believe me when I tell you that Jessica was a rather quick paintjob? Next step was giving the farbric a basic tone, but already playing a shadow and light, thinking about the zenithal light theory. Just a simple sketch, done with the brush.

Also used a rather rough sketch on the hair, having some blueish black as a basetone, roughly highlighted with just adding a little white to it.

Eyes have been painted with Ivory too to prepare further work on them.

The skin recieved some more attention. I was taking the brush and some purple and grey glazes to work mainly around her face. Increasing contrast from bright to dark in it. After this I used VMC Ivory and started to work on her full body to increase the lights. I mean the airbrush work here really gave me a great start from the shadow and light aspects, but airbrush work never brings you in close with the details on the model. You won't be able to increase the contrast on small wrinkles or other delicate facial issues.

Using very water thinned tourqouise via the airbrush to spray it on top of the whites to cool them a little bit more and give them a colour temperature.

5. I used only Ivory here to work on the highlights. Right, you read it right. Only one colour. Important when working out the highlights is that you apply the tone in many layers to intense their power. I did so again and again. You can see that pretty well on the following close up. I took some more time with it to bring in little scratches and details by using the sculpts volumes and put them into zenithal light.

I started to work on the details. The teeth recieved a basic tone with Ivory, but not applied too strong, less layers than the skin. I used a purple reddish was to place it on top of the open wound on her neck and throat.

Cleaned up the eyes with a dark line around them, used VMC German Yellow for her Iris, used the same red that was used for the neck to paint a thin line around her Iris and placed a tiny black dot inside it to be recognized as the pupil. I wanted to keep that one rather small as my intention was to make her eyes look very alien compared to a living human. Some virus took on her. A final white dot was placed inside the black to show the light reflection.

The fabric recieved first edge highlights and a little stronger lights on the sketch I already did.

6. Next I did the same again with the blue and sprayed a thin layer on top of everything to get her into the cold athmosphere. This also helps me to soften the overall look of my lights, but on the other hand I lose some of their intensity. Taking the brush again to rework the white again. I also went into some details on the torn open flesh on her neck and throat and worked on some edge highlights here.

Using different tones of red on the wound before adding a big amount of gloss varnish to it. Using the read insinde her mouth and painted the teeth again. Using the some reds around her eyes too to give her a more dramatic virus infected look.

I used some more Ivory and mixed it into the last light I used on the fabrics, worked my way further into the light situation of the fabric. Used Ivory too to do a little freehand work on the shirt. A true nerdy one.

With the red glazes I used early I intensed areas on her ribcage first, before applying a fine structure with gentle dots there and at her shoulder. Even more virus infected now.

The hair recieved some more attention in cleaning up with a brighter grey/white to make it more readable for the viewers eye.

7. Next step was dirt. I wanted her a little dirty, with mud and such and I wanted to test something new again: Oil Brown and Mud Brown by Modelmates. I wanted to know how it dries before I apply it to my model and so I did some tests on paper.

I really enjoyed how it turned out in my tests and without further hesitation threw it to the model, but keep in mind: less is more sometimes. Throw it carefully ;)

Also used a little bit of blood here and there. I mean she surely is a little messy as the virus took control of her. In this particular photo you can see how the 3d print texture was used to work as real texture on the farbric. Due the stronger applyment of colour on the skin I was able to hide that away a little bit more.

8. I really liked how she turned out in the end but I am definatly not satisfied on how different she appears on the photos in this article. This ain't no good for explanation. Well, she is pretty bright compared to my usual paintworks and that is why it was hard to get decent photos during the progress on my workbench with strong lights.

Following you can see a photo of her in my cabinet with other models around. You can see how bright and rather small this bust is.

9. In total from start to finish Jessica took me about 10-12 hours I'd say, which made me really happy to see her turn out that nice. Honestly, she was a test model for mainly the new airbrush white I wanted to use and as soon as I have seen that sculpt I knew that I wanted to paint her up. Sometimes when you feel this urge just follow it. The model will paints itself.

You can find more photos of Jessica via Putty & Paint.

I hope you enjoyed the explanation through my progress on this bust.
Let me know what you think in the comments.
Happy Halloween to you!

*Mr. Paint Colours: As mentioned we are doing some testing at the moment with these airbrush colours. They are mainly used in plane scale modelling and not well known to miniature painters thus far. Maybe this changes in the future as we did not yet encounted another airbrush colour that works that fine in your airbrush. We'll see in the future. If you are interested in starting your own tests you can get them at Uschi van der Rosten.

Review Preview: MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Munich, Germany

by Massive Voodoo

Review: Scale Model Challenge 2014

by Massive Voodoo


Better late than never we bring you the jungle's review of this years Scale Model Challenge, issue 2014. If you are interested to find more event reports, check this link!

The Scale Model Challenge was a blast, really. A great weekend full of miniatures, tanks, planes, colours, dioramas, miniature painter friends and more! Massive Voodoo arrived at the Konigshof in Veldhoven on Saturday and we did spent some time to say hello and prepare our booth. After this we went for the gym, some played basketball, some took a swim in the pool and others slept. Relaxation time as we knew what was ahead of us this Saturday night and Sunday - the day of the show!

The maze of Konigshof, you have at least a thousand of these hallways

Robert Crombeecke, serious face selfie with Roman in the bar.

It was late at night when we decided to drink our last tiny beer.

A little sleep later it was time to start into Sunday and see the halls of the Scale Model Challenge fill up with visitors, contest painters and many hobby friends.

This was just too epic!

                                                        The contest area, from far ...

Vendors, vendors, vendors ...

Impressions ...

                                The Scale Model Challenge Best of Show Prizes!

... and miniatures!


Philip says:

"As expected the SMC 2014 was amazing. And it was even larger than last year! I especially was happy to see more german figure painters than 2013 and my Berlin friends. Next year they need to put up more tables for the figures! It was pretty cool to enjoy all the good stuff the event and location offers. Dinner, sports area, comfy beds, and last but definitely not least an awesome show!
I am already looking forward to SMC 2015!"


As usual when you have a great time it runs by fast. We were managing our booth, Raffa and Roman did some judging work with really nice judging colleagues, Oliver held his first painting class, Sanne, Phil and Bene kept an eye on the booth and in between we did greet and talk with painter friends and people who were interested in the aspect of Fantasy Miniature Painting.

Ough! Ough!

Massive Voodoo Insta-Bases, soon!

There were those serious guys all around:

And those not so serious ones:


Roman says:
Well, it was a beautiful and great time, but it went by far too quick. It was really nice to meet up with the dutch painter community and see a lot of friends again, having talks about projects and miniatures and it was also great to get to know some new faces. What impresses me the most on the Scale Model Challenge is how it grows every year in its size and quality. I mean the organisation is running so smoothly and it looks all perfect. Thanks to the Team behind the SMC!!

Some more Impressions, thanks to Phil who took those beautiful photos
- first Oli at his painting class:

The Vendor Hall:

The Contest Area:

Judges at work:

It was a truely great day! 
Perfect organisation, great people, great athmsphere and a lot of fun!
We can only recommend to you that if you find the time next year do a little trip to Veldhoven to not miss this event. It is just superb and they even got plans to make it even bigger and better for next years issue!

Big thanks to Ron, who came by our booth and brought Massive Voodoo a birthday gift to MV's 5th Anniversary! So great, Ron! Thank you very much!

If you want to see all the photos done by Phil, check this link!

And here are even more reports from different sources!
The number speaks for itself, a great show!


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Pictures by AGMF club (including many club stands pics) 


Video by the Cursed Monkeys
A video impression by Hired Guns
Video by Corvus Miniatures

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