Daddy is a soldier ...

by Roman aka jar


the basing class passed, I catched up with my mails kind of ok and found a little time to regain energies from the cool weekend. I already unpacked all the material from the class, prepare for a beginners class soon in Munich, Germany (still two seats free out of 25) and Massive Voodoo makes ready to head for the Scale Model Challenge in about some days. Busy times, right.

In the last weeks I was also preparing a little exchange miniature for my man Michele from Hamburg as it was planned that he attents to the recent basing class. Well, he got seriously ill and was not able to come. Nonetheless I was able to give it to Heiko from the Wu-Dao to take it with him to Hamburg.

Once in a while when I find the time I do little projects with a nightmare scared tiny girl from Privateer Press for good friends. Often they have been provided with the same model and are told to do an exchange miniature project with me, including the little girl - everything else up to them.
My collection is slowly growing and I am really happy to look at it as I always see the good memories of the friends behind the project.

I did mine for Michele now. 
Beside the scared girl I used two wonderful Hasslefree Miniatures, as both fitted the scene pretty well. The rocking horse is from a product collaberation project I did together with Kellerkind-Miniatures and you soon might find a set of rocking horses available to the public.

I called the project "Daddy is a soldier" and maybe reflect on a radio news I recently listened to where some turkish official said how happy the children are to find a playground after fleeing Syria. I do not want to get into any political statement here, just feel that the project is somehow influanced by the actual world situations. Well, Daddy is a soldier and protecting his girls why they try to find fun in playing on the playground in times of war ...

Daddy is a soldier
Privateer Press, Hasslefree, 28 mm

Nothing too fency but fun to do. I hope you like it!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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