Mu 62 - Rocking Horses, Kellerkind Miniatures

by Massive Voodoo


Aloa Jungle,

today Massive Voodoo is proud to present to you another Miniatures Unpacked. 
A close and honest look on useful hobby- and miniature material.

Today we will have a look on something special once again. Something that just sees day of its official sale this week: Rocking Horses by Kellerkind Miniatures in 28 mm and 1:35.

The idea was born early this year when Roman was wandering an old barn of a friend to take some photos. He found an old Rocking Horse in all that rubble:

As during these days Roman was planning his basing classes for summer he thought it might be not a bad idea to have such at the class and as an option for his students. You can find a review of the Basing Class 1 and Basing Class 2 behind the links. While at the Duke of Bavaria this year he stepped up to Martin from Kellerkind Miniatures and proposed a collaberation on this subject.

This is how the story goes and with Roman and Martin developing the product together with drawings and many mails the prototypes were ready for the basing classes. They were used often and many students liked the idea of rocking horses. Good Feedback.

These were the prototypes we used and handed out on the Basing Classes.
One rocking horse in Scale 1:35 and two in 28 mm.

They are lasercut in 1mm MDF and are easy to use, but after removing all the parts, they have to be handled carefully as they are tiny, at least the ones for 28 mm figures.

We can only recommend using a toothpick on applying your superglue or PVC glue in small dots on these. You can quickly mess them up with too much glue. Easy. When you are done you have a rocking horse that - in prototype stage - just missed a bar the kids could hold on to. In Prototype stage.

Now prototype stage is over and Martin is done with finalising the product. The final sprues grew up to five different horses now, great job from Kellerkind Miniatures. Have a look this is how the final sprues arrive if you order yours, left 28 mm scale and right 1:35 scale:

Well, now that is a rocking horse flock, eh? Cool thing is you have a polysterol rod now for adding the handle for the kids and MOST IMPORTANT you even have a small plan inside on how to bring those many parts together:

Let's have a look on the different rocking horse options available, three differnt main options available for the body. You then can choose different looks by choosing your favourite animal. No polysterol bars used on these examples.


28 mm, one option is missing on the photo, gna!

As smaller as they get, the harder it gets to avoid superglue mistakes. Our tip: Take your time to glue them. Be patient.

Examples to see the rocking horses in action, first example is from the basing classes:

Second one is from one of Roman's last projects.
While in Vienna on a short trip he took a photo of something inspirational again:

... and thought to himself, why not. Using a spring from a dead lighter it became a playground rocking horse, in 28 mm:

Well, rocking horses? Isn't that something everybody did miss so far? 
We hope to see many more of those used in cool basing projects.

Thank you Martin for the great collaberation in bringing this idea to flesh.

If you want to get your own rocking horses now - as we told you they are fresh in the store this week, check this link:

Order your Rocking Horses by Kellerkind Miniatures today!

Happy rocking horse day to you!


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