Review: Scale Model Challenge 2014

by Massive Voodoo


Better late than never we bring you the jungle's review of this years Scale Model Challenge, issue 2014. If you are interested to find more event reports, check this link!

The Scale Model Challenge was a blast, really. A great weekend full of miniatures, tanks, planes, colours, dioramas, miniature painter friends and more! Massive Voodoo arrived at the Konigshof in Veldhoven on Saturday and we did spent some time to say hello and prepare our booth. After this we went for the gym, some played basketball, some took a swim in the pool and others slept. Relaxation time as we knew what was ahead of us this Saturday night and Sunday - the day of the show!

The maze of Konigshof, you have at least a thousand of these hallways

Robert Crombeecke, serious face selfie with Roman in the bar.

It was late at night when we decided to drink our last tiny beer.

A little sleep later it was time to start into Sunday and see the halls of the Scale Model Challenge fill up with visitors, contest painters and many hobby friends.

This was just too epic!

                                                        The contest area, from far ...

Vendors, vendors, vendors ...

Impressions ...

                                The Scale Model Challenge Best of Show Prizes!

... and miniatures!


Philip says:

"As expected the SMC 2014 was amazing. And it was even larger than last year! I especially was happy to see more german figure painters than 2013 and my Berlin friends. Next year they need to put up more tables for the figures! It was pretty cool to enjoy all the good stuff the event and location offers. Dinner, sports area, comfy beds, and last but definitely not least an awesome show!
I am already looking forward to SMC 2015!"


As usual when you have a great time it runs by fast. We were managing our booth, Raffa and Roman did some judging work with really nice judging colleagues, Oliver held his first painting class, Sanne, Phil and Bene kept an eye on the booth and in between we did greet and talk with painter friends and people who were interested in the aspect of Fantasy Miniature Painting.

Ough! Ough!

Massive Voodoo Insta-Bases, soon!

There were those serious guys all around:

And those not so serious ones:


Roman says:
Well, it was a beautiful and great time, but it went by far too quick. It was really nice to meet up with the dutch painter community and see a lot of friends again, having talks about projects and miniatures and it was also great to get to know some new faces. What impresses me the most on the Scale Model Challenge is how it grows every year in its size and quality. I mean the organisation is running so smoothly and it looks all perfect. Thanks to the Team behind the SMC!!

Some more Impressions, thanks to Phil who took those beautiful photos
- first Oli at his painting class:

The Vendor Hall:

The Contest Area:

Judges at work:

It was a truely great day! 
Perfect organisation, great people, great athmsphere and a lot of fun!
We can only recommend to you that if you find the time next year do a little trip to Veldhoven to not miss this event. It is just superb and they even got plans to make it even bigger and better for next years issue!

Big thanks to Ron, who came by our booth and brought Massive Voodoo a birthday gift to MV's 5th Anniversary! So great, Ron! Thank you very much!

If you want to see all the photos done by Phil, check this link!

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The number speaks for itself, a great show!


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