MV-Team: Andy

by Andy

Name: Andreas aka Andy

Job: Specialist for particle analysis

Painting: wargaming since early 2000 and display painting since 2013

Media: acrylics, gouache and aquarelle. Mostly heavy body Schmincke, Lascaux and Golden; Inks by Liquitex. Sometimes I use Vallejo and Scale colors but mainly their metallic paints. Gouache and aquarelle colors for tinting. 

Brushes: Windsor&Newton Series 7, sizes 0, 1 and 2 for most jobs and some no-name brushes for different topics like priming, base coating, wet-in-wet stuff and so on. One of my most loved brushes is a no-name one – it gives me freedom to slap paint without taking to much care about details.

Airbrush: H&S Evolution and H&S Ultra

Miniatures: I’m totally into sci-fi, modern, cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic stuff in every scale from busts to miniatures.

Sculpting: Now and then I sculpt traditionally and digitally but its more trial-and-error than anything showable… anyway I show it :D

Inspirational Miniature Painters: Roman Lappat, Alfonso Giraldes, Jeremie Bonamant, Josua Lai, Arnau Lazaro, Sergio Calvo, Trent Denison, Richard Sharp, Dmitry Fesechko, Alex Varela, David Soper

Inspirational Miniature sculptors: Raffaele Picca, Romain van den Bogaert, Lucas Pina, Allan Carrasco 

Gallery: putty&paint – not always up to date

Hello everyone, it’s a new guy in town!

My name is Andreas. I’m living near Nuremberg, Bavaria.

I’m on and off approximately 25 years into the hobby and started, like most of us, with wargaming. I first came into contact with Warzone in the mid-90s, followed by a break for a few years. My best friend came up with the idea of Warhammer 40k back in the early 2000’s. I had no idea what he was talking about and had no idea what was coming towards me… 
I thought to give it a try and ended up with a 4000 points Necron army, followed by 2500 points Space Orks and 1500 points Sororitas (formerly known as witch hunters). We also had a small excursion to fantasy where I started chaos barbarians but they never saw the table. In general, it was building gray models and gaming - painting was necessary but more or less a pain in the a$$ for me. Think about a Leman Russ hits the spot and you take out a handful of Ork-Boyz… naaa, it hurts to paint them.


Years went on and we did less gaming, so painting was the only hobby-related activity and the grey pile of shame was still huge. I took the chance to attend the beginner workshop with Roman in 2013 and I was hooked for more painting. I repainted my Necron army entirely with airbrush and changed the painting process of the Orks for more efficiency. (Both Armies got sold several years later without ever seeing the table again)

One of the first models I've painted after private coaching

In 2014, after a private coaching with Roman and Raffa, my focus changed from army painting to single models and the way to cabinet painting was set up. Over the years I attended many classes, e.g. with Roman or Banshee, and the joy of painting remains until today.

Painting miniatures is a very relaxing activity to me. I really enjoy getting lost in time and space while putting paint on busts or build little stories around models. I’m always telling the story to friends of a Wednesday evening several years ago when I just wanted to paint an hour and ended up looking at the clock at half past one in the morning totally shocked where the time has gone. I like the flow of creative energy. 
I’m a less structured guy than some of the other MV-Members, my process is often chaotic, wild and plans about projects evolve while working on them. 

Examples of chaotic works from first idea to finished piece:

My creative energies work the same way, like in waves of high output and calm times. I always try new things on projects just to keep my interest alive. Sometimes there are good results… sometimes not and I do my best to fix it ;)

In the future I’ll try to bring you some step-by-steps and other detailed articles about my projects, also some hobby-hacks and maybe some crafty stuff ;)

I’m very pleased to be a member of Massive Voodoo and thankful for the invitation - was some kind of secret wish since my hobby beginnings.

See you around!


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