Tutorial: IKEA TERTIAL light improvement

by Andy

Hello everyone,

today I’ll want to show you a simple, easy and cheap way to improve your lighting setup.


Warning: Only do this modification if you’re using lamps with low heat development like e.g. LED-lamps. I’m taking no responsibility for any damage or fire!


I’m using two of the standard IKEA lamps called “TERTIAL” in combination with  11W 5000K LED bulb mainly for photography.

I always thought that the lamps produce a very strong focused, hard light, so I was looking for a possibility to soften it.

One day I strolled through the hardware store and found something called “transparent paper” - which in fact is translucent paper.

This paper looks similar to a diffusor for photography or photo tent material and so I gave it a try to improve the light situation. 

Assembly was relatively easy – take the lampshade, press it on the paper and mark the outer diameter with a pencil. Add 3-5 wings on the outer diameter for attachment.

You need to cut the paper carefully with a scissor otherwise the attachment wings are torn apart. I didn’t cut carefully enough but no worries, just take some clear adhesive tape to repair it and bring it back on.
Bend the wings and glue it to the lampshade with some sticky tape.

Modification done – as simple as that ;)

What’s the benefit of the mod? –> have a look:

                Before -> strong, hard, focused light After -> soft, even, more natural light

Let me know in the comments if you have questions and tell me if you like this small modification 

Thanks for reading, all the best and see you soon


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